Launching Fall 2022: Business Analytics Co-Major (STEM)

Embracing Business Analytics

The Business Analytics Co-Major is an applied program which complements existing business majors and cannot be taken as a stand-alone major. The focus is on the ability to communicate the business analysis of data that spans all disciplines, without the heavy scientific component. There is no program-specific prerequisite requirement as Business Statistics is a course in the business core required of all majors.

Three separate but related areas emerged in the last decade: data science, big data and data analytics. Our business analytics program intersects with elements of all three areas, emphasizing business applications and business skills but without the deep programming and machine learning skills that are required of data science.

Business analytics complements any major.

Business Analytics Co-Major is 18 Credit Hours.

The curriculum consists of 9 credit hours of required courses, plus electives totaling 9 credit hours.

The required 9 credits include:

  • Foundations of Business Analytics
  • Business Analytics for Decision Making
  • Business Analytics Capstone

Elective courses for the Business Analytics Co-Major:

  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Advanced Excel Modeling
  • Econometrics
  • Advanced Econometrics
  • Theory of Investments
  • Data and Information Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Critical Managerial Decision Making
  • Marketing Research
  • Digital Sales & Marketing Tools
  • Digital Marketing
  • Informative Systems and Technology
  • Forecasting, Production and Inventory Planning