Accounting Mentorships

The Accounting Mentoring Program has been in existence since 2007.  The program is designed to enhance accounting students' understanding of the expectations of graduates of the School of Business as they prepare for employment and/or graduate studies. The students will have the opportunity to interact with experienced accounting professionals. The program is also designed to provide the graduate with the opportunity to remain active in the Accounting Mentoring Program after graduation.

Benefits to a Participating Student:

· Expand student's network of accounting professionals
· Expose student to professionals from other disciplines, marketing, operational, public relations, strategic planning, etc.
· Opportunity to better understand the expectations and requirements of employers
· Become acquainted with the realities of professional employment
· Provide the student with a source of information, professional guidance and options as to career decisions
· Expand student awareness of professional certification programs and life long professional development programs

Additional benefits of the program are ability to obtain internships or employment. The most recently survey indicated that 60% of the current students were able to obtain work experience due to the mentorship program. Of that 60%, 50% indicated that their mentor was helpful in the process. Of the goals initially established by the mentee and mentor, after one year of the formal program 97% of the goals are accomplishments. The program provides follow up and adherences to specific plans of accomplishment.  100% of all student and professionals surveyed replied that they would recomend the program to others.

Responsibilities of a Participating Student:

· Attend all scheduled mentoring sessions and meetings (typically is only one formal kickoff meeting and remaining interactions are scheduled between the mentor and the mentee)
· Actively participate in meetings with mentor(s)
· Give serious consideration to any advice given by the mentor(s)
· Dress appropriately when meeting in a business environment
· Provide feedback on the mentoring process and meetings

Feedback from participating mentees:

"If you put in effort to get something out of this program, you will see benefits.  Despite having to communicate via e-mail and video call through the program, I ensured to keep in touch with my mentor.  This led to help with my resume, a mock interview, an insight to a firm I am interested in applying to, and a professional friendship that I hope to continue for the next few years." - 1/19/2021

"It was very helpful to hear from professionals in fields that I waws interested in."  - 1/16/2021

"This program helped me to get my feet underneath me as I prepared to enter into the world of business with very little experience in the field.  This program helped me to develop skills in resume preparation, interviewing, and networking during my time as an undergraduate at Duquesne." - 1/5/2021

If you are interested in participating in the ACCT Mentorship program, contact:

Valerie Williams, CPA, MBA, CHFP, CIA, CFE, CFF, PmP
Associate Professor of Practice, Accounting
935 Rockwell Hall
412.396.5700 (office)