Learn By Doing

Theory to practice

Our program embraces a theory to practice model focusing on giving students real entrepreneurship experiences in a protected environment.

You will be an active participant in a new venture experience. You will conceive, launch, run and exit a real micro-business funded by a $5,000 investment from the School.
Students have the opportunity to conduct due diligence and invest real money in some of the most exciting start-ups in the state as part of our partnership with BlueTree Allied Angels, Pittsburgh's leading angel investor group.
In our distinctive capstone course, teams of students help struggling entrepreneurs with their new ventures or tackle entrepreneurial projects in existing firms.

Passionate faculty with practical experience.

Our professors are world-renowned scholars. Our faculty include entrepreneurs with decades of diverse industry and startup experience as well as a personalized learning approach.

Innovative curriculum addresses social issues.

You will learn to act as a change agent for society by seizing opportunities, creating solutions and inventing new approaches to social issues that create value for customers.

Beyond the classroom

You will be engaged in activities that will stretch your talents and enthusiasm. Duquesne's Entrepreneurial Alliance, a student-run organization, regularly hosts guest speakers, panel discussions and other sponsored events to expand your networking opportunities.

You will develop critical entrepreneurship skills:
  • Spot trends and recognize valuable business opportunities
  • Create and implement winning business plans
  • Manage and grow operations
  • Secure human and financial capital
  • Solve problems and think creatively
  • Build teams with complementary skills
  • Sell your firm's products or services
  • Negotiate and communicate effectively
  • Take appropriate risks

What can you do with a major in Entrepreneurship?

Our graduates are sought after by all types of businesses for their valuable entrepreneurial mindset. Recent graduates have been hired by established companies like Amazon, IBM, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Giant Eagle as well as emerging companies like SnapRetail and The Motherhood. And, of course, some graduates are launching new ventures, applying to startup incubators and accelerators, and running crowdfunding campaigns.

Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial thinking are needed in all aspects of business. Accountants, doctors, lawyers, and psychologists to name a few, all need these skills to run their own businesses.