Student Managed Investment Funds (SMIF)

The Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) Program at Duquesne provides you with a compelling experience in money management and contributes to your preparation for successful careers in finance and investment management. You will learn to make evidence-based decisions investing in financial markets, which will enable you to leverage the experience in interviews for internship and career opportunities.

The SMIF Program comprises three fund initiatives: the Duquesne Equity Fund, the Duquesne Micro-Cap Fund and the Duquesne Values Fund.

  • Duquesne Equity Fund (DEF) provides an introduction to financial literacy. While managing a diversified, balanced portfolio of sector Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), students learn the return and risk characteristics of a range of asset classes. DEF appeals to Finance, Accounting, and Sales & Marketing students interested in pursuing careers as financial advisors and wealth managers.

  • Duquesne Micro-Cap Fund (DMF) employs a factor-based quantitative strategy. In managing this common stock portfolio, students learn about the major factors driving individual stock returns. DMF appeals to Finance students with an interest in portfolio management or quantitative asset management.

  • Duquesne Values Fund (DVF) "Investing for the Greater Good," one of the largest undergraduate funds of its type in the nation, pursues a stock selection strategy employing fundamental equity analysis and valuation. Eligible investments are deemed consistent with responsible investing criteria and Spiritan values. The $1 million student managed investment fund employs socially responsible investment strategies. DVF appeals to Finance and Accounting students with an interest in investment management and/or corporate finance.

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