IST: Bridging Technology and Business

Information technology delivers solutions to drive business innovation and decision-making.

Information Systems and Technology

The Information Systems and Technology program prepares students for careers focused on the planning, application, development, management, and implementation of technology to transform organizations and support data-driven decision-making. The IST curriculum exposes students to industry-driven software and established methodologies while also incorporating emerging technologies. Emphasis is placed on the ability of technology to add value to the processes, products, methods, and decision-making in organizations. Two tracks are available, though optional: Data Analytics and Digital Business Technology. In the Data Analytics track, students gain the expertise for careers focused on utilizing data for decision-making in organizations and designing business intelligence tools. In the Digital Business Technology track, students gain the expertise for careers that bridge the business environment with technology.

In the classroom, experienced faculty engage students in a range of courses essential for success. An expansive Technology Center on campus features innovative, computer-based applications. Students have the opportunity to join an active student chapter of the Association for Information Systems at Duquesne, which facilitates connecting with mentors, alumni, and a vast networking of IST professionals.

Duquesne's proximity to Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland, both rich with business and health care institutions, will bring you face-to-face with IST professionals, opening the door to internships and career paths.

Data Analytics Track (DA)

The Data Analytics tracks focuses on methods and techniques for identifying trends and patterns in raw data and drawing conclusions to drive business decision-making. The need for skillsets associated with this track is rapidly growing across the globe, and students who graduate with this track can pursue careers as business intelligence analysts, data analysts, database administrators, marketing analysts, project managers, systems analysts, logistics specialists, and many more.

Digital Business Tech (DBT)

The Digital Business Technology focuses on methods and techniques for supporting business operations with information technology in order to enable the collection, storage, and synthesis of data and create efficient work flows and accurate reporting. The demand for information systems graduates with this specialty is strong and consistent, and students who graduate with this track can pursue careers as business analysts, systems analysts, consultants, project manager, and many more.