Information Systems and Technology (IST) Mentoring Program

Program Overview

The Information Systems and Technology (IST) Mentoring Program is an exciting program with the goal of connecting current IST students with experienced Information Systems professionals. The program is also designed to provide IST alumni with opportunities to continue to be involved with Duquesne's campus and the IST program after graduation.

Benefits for IST Students
  • Build a professional network
  • Relate academic concepts and skills to career paths
  • Enhance professional and communication skills
  • Receive advice on courses and professional development including certifications, internship opportunities, job search, and career development
  • Explore areas of interest related to information systems
Benefits for Information Systems Professionals
  • Get to know current IST students and programs
  • Make an impact on an IST student's life
  • Help an IST student set goals and develop strategies
How It Works

The IST mentoring program runs annually. Applications are open at the beginning of each year. Student participants and professionals will be matched based on criteria. Annual events include:

  • Kick-off meeting: introductory meeting between mentors and students. Mentors and students set up the mentoring goals for the year and join the social media group associated with the IST mentoring program
  • One-on-one meetings: mentors and students will schedule several meetings during the program on topics of their choice in an effect to advance their goals
  • Closure: mentors and students review their experience in the program and provide feedback

For more information on the IST mentoring program, contact:

Wenqi Zhou, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of IST