International Business

Business today is global, subjected to the forces of culture, economy, geography and politics. What happens in other countries affects American-based corporations, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies. As the world becomes smaller, a degree in international business will prepare you to meet the professional challenges of doing business at home and abroad.

An international business degree from our program prepares you for managerial careers in the global marketplace. Anticipating the demands of the discipline, our international business program teaches you not simply how to conduct business, but also how to conduct business with an understanding of world markets and political and cultural sensitivity.

While focusing on international business concepts in the classroom, you are exposed to real-world affairs through activities with international businesses and organizations located within the Pittsburgh area. In addition, you have the opportunity to fulfill your international business study-abroad requirement at Duquesne's campus in Rome, its international study center at the National University of Ireland, and through partnerships with numerous university partners around the world.

Combined with a double-major in a functional area of business such as marketing or supply chain management, international business students from the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business are poised to succeed in a variety of careers. Whether doing market research on behalf of the U.S. government, working as a consultant for a business expanding its overseas markets or leading an international Fortune 500 company, graduates will have the social and professional skills essential for success.