Course Descriptions

Fall 2019

IBUS 341—International Business: 3 credits

This course is an introductory study of the environment and management of cross-national business activities. Topics include sociocultural, legal and political environment; international monetary and financial systems; international trade; foreign direct and portfolio investments; and the management of international marketing, financial, production and personnel functions.

IBUS 342—International Business Study Abroad: 18 credits

IBUS 344—International Relations Study Abroad: 3 credits

IBUS 345—International Negotiation: 3 credits

International negotiation is a dynamic and complex process by which international organizations and sovereign states resolve international disputes and formulate enduring agreements to support sustainable collaborative multi-organizational and multi-national relations. The course of International Negotiation is the academic opportunity for students to acquire specialized knowledge of negotiation in international setting, and develop familiarity and competency in the dynamics of the process of actual multi-lateral negotiation. The course serves two primary outcomes: First, participants acquire in-depth understanding of theories and concepts of negotiation in international setting. Second, participants develop competency to participate and collaborate in actual international negotiation to build enduring agreement. Concepts and competencies learned in this course have wide applications and make this course valuable component of many academic disciplines.

IBUS 491—International Business Seminar: 3 credits

This course integrates international business skills and methods into a professional practicum. Student teams work with an international business firm as consultants to help the company deal with international business projects and issues.