Become an effective marketer

Rapidly increasing global competition, technological advancements, and emergence of new markets provide a challenging environment for any company.


Marketing is a specialization in business concerned with developing strategies and tactics to create value for customers. Marketing can involve many facets of business—everything from the conception and design of the product or service, to pricing, promotion and distribution.

At Duquesne, you will begin the marketing major by taking a three-course core curriculum, which includes sales fundamentals, buyer behavior and marketing research. You can then concentrate in one of three areas: Sports Marketing, Professional Selling & Marketing or Digital Marketing & Analytics.

Each one of these concentrations has a separate applied capstone course where you will be able to test out your marketing skills by performing a marketing project for a real company or organization.

Digital Marketing & Analytics

Digital Marketing & Analytics is an important and growing area of marketing. Many companies and organizations are shifting their marketing efforts to digital methods. They also need to better understand analytical techniques to make sense of all the data available from these platforms. Students concentrating in this area will gain expertise in areas like search engine optimization, paid search campaigns, customer relationship management software and content marketing, which includes social media marketing.

Career opportunities are strong in this area, as students can work for marketing research firms, agencies that specialize in digital marketing strategy or for businesses looking to expand their reach in the digital domain.

Professional Selling

Professional Selling & Marketing is quickly becoming a great opportunity for students at Duquesne. The program connects theory to practice by utilizing the cutting-edge facilities of the Centers for Leadership in Professional Selling and Entrepreneurship.

Each year our students compete at top sales competitions throughout the country (including the Steel City Sales Challenge hosted by Duquesne!) where they gain access to many corporate sponsors.

Career opportunities in sales are plentiful, as demand for sales professionals is growing dramatically. You will have the opportunity to work for companies in the B2B sector of the economy, focusing on industries like technology, financial services and medical devices.

Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing is ideal for those students seeking to work in all areas of sports. To prepare for these careers, you will learn about sports marketing and promotion, sports management and the business of sports. The applied curriculum will sharpen your presentation skills as you learn about sales and marketing strategies for many types of organizations tied to the sports economy.

Career opportunities span a wide range of options from professional sports organizations like the NFL or NHL, to retailers like Dick's Sporting Goods. Additionally, our students have gone on to work in collegiate athletic departments or for companies that sponsor major sporting events like the NASCAR racing series.