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At Duquesne, we offer real-world projects that tackle important supply chain issues and generate solutions that make a difference.

Supply Chain Management (STEM)

A supply chain includes the people and places touched by products and services before reaching the consumer. It includes manufacturers, distributors, retailers and warehouses. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the coordination of business practices supported by information systems and technology to manage the flow of precious resources while improving performance.

Students are exposed to a broad curriculum focusing on theoretical, analytical and practical skills. It's an approach that emphasizes the integration of supply chain activities and prepares students for careers in a variety of fields, whether in a small non-profit or large corporation.

Outside the classroom, students can gain a more complete understanding of SCM through involvement with the School's student SCM organization or the international professional organization affiliates. Participation provides opportunities for expanded learning and in-depth discussion about real-world issues encountered in the field. SCM majors can expand their depth of knowledge and improve their marketability when they pursue a double major in a business area such as information systems, international business, marketing, or management.

Duquesne University's location near downtown Pittsburgh provides students with numerous professional development activities, including internships. And Duquesne's loyal alumni network can expand your circle of professional contacts.

14th Annual Supply Chain Connection

The Duquesne Supply Chain Council welcomed undergraduate & graduate students, employers, and faculty on October 20th. Participants were able to expand their network and hear about potential jobs or internships. The event was moved virtually due to Covid-19.

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