SAP Student Recognition Award

The Center for Excellence in Supply Chain Management with the co-operation of the departments of Supply Chain Management and Information Systems Management are proud to announce the SAP Student Recognition Award.

Co-sponsored by SAP University Alliance and the School of Business, this award enables you to gain hands-on experience performing transactions with SAP's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in purchasing, sales order management, production management, inventory and finance. In addition, you will participate in a series of computer-based simulation games, in which you will use SAP to run a business while competing against your classmates and gaining a deeper understanding of business operations.

The Award requires you to complete three designated classes that will immerse you in ERP systems, which are used by almost all major businesses:

SCMG 385 - SCM Information Systems and Technology
SCMG 469 - Strategic Supply Chain Management
ISYS 483 - Enterprise Systems

The benefits to you are having a valuable skillset listed on your resume for software which has a 25% global ERP market share that a majority of Fortune 500 companies use, and real-world preparation to enter the job market with professional confidence. You will be poised to make an immediate difference by acclimating quickly to your new employer's ERP software.

The School of Business is committed to helping you expand your horizons and raise your goals to new heights with the SAP Student Recognition Award.

For more information, please contact:
John Russo
Associate Director of Supply Chain Management