A business minor gives a student a competitive edge when applying for certain jobs, by providing concepts, tools and skills which enhance one's progress in a career. The business minor requires students to take 4 courses (12 credits) in a specific discipline. The minor is designed to give students from other majors within the Business School a general competency in another area of study.

Available Minors


Required Courses
List does not include Business Core Classes

Accounting ACCT 311 - Intermediate Accounting; ACCT 312 - Intermediate Accounting II; ACCT 314 - Advanced Accounting; ACCT 315 - Cost Accounting
Business Analytics The list of courses chosen for a student's BSBA minor requires the written approval of the division chair in the student's major area. The courses chosen for this minor should be outside of the student's major or minor field of study. Students should work with their academic advisor to create a plan for this minor.
Economics Any four (4) courses at 300 level or above (except Econ 342 - Global Economics)
Entrepreneurship ENTR 375 - Entrepreneurship; ENTR 480 - Financing, Valuing and Exiting Business; ENTR 481 - Guerrilla Marketing; ENTR 482 - Decision Making in High Velocity Environments
Finance FINC 334 - Theory of Finance; FINC 333 - Financial Management; plus any two (2) required or elective courses in Finance
Information Systems and Technology ISYS 184 - Business Information Systems; ISYS 284 - Data for Decision Making; ISYS 380 - User Experience Design; ISYS 381W - Systems Analysis and Design; ISYS 382 - Data and Informational Management; and 1 ISYS Elective (483, 484, 486, 480, 49x, or 489W)
Legal Studies Any four (4) required or elective courses in Legal Studies
Management Any four (4) required or elective courses in Management
Marketing MKTG 373 - Sales Fundamentals; MKTG 374W - Research Applications in Marketing; MKTG 476 - Product Management; plus one (1) of the following: MKTG 478 - B2B Marketing; MKTG 479 - Retail Management
Professional Sales More details
Sports Marketing SPMK 376 - Sports Marketing and Promotion; SPMK 377 - Sports Management; SPMK 473 - Sports Sales and Revenue Generation; MKTG 373 - Sales Fundamentals
Supply Chain Management SCMG 375 - Supply Chain Management Techniques; SCMG 385 - Supply Chain Information Systems and Technology; SCMG 472 - Global Transportation and Logistics; SCMG 474W - Purchasing Management

Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor for specific information.