Today's rapidly changing global economy has ushered in a new era of unprecedented challenges and opportunities. From Shanghai to London and Pittsburgh to San Diego, what happens in one part of the world increasingly affects us all.

Why should I study abroad?

In a competitive job market, having an international study experience on your resume will give you advantage over other applicants.  As a result, more and more students across the country are choosing to participate in study abroad opportunities.  Other terrific reasons:  it establishes 'international credibility'; it gives you something to discuss during an interview; you'll go to an exotic place that you probably wouldn't visit on your own; it's incredibly rewarding; and lastly... it's fun!

What is the cost?

Your tuition covers most of the cost!

What is covered by my study abroad fee and tuition payments?

Your payments cover all scheduled airline travel and in-country transportation costs, hotels/accommodations, planned cultural outings, entry fees, and many (but not all) meals. You should budget additional spending money for meals that aren't covered, souvenirs and other personal expenses.

Is financial aid available?

Yes.  The main form of financial aid is student loans.  This is a bona fide university class, which means that you can get loans to cover both the fee and tuition.

What about scholarships?

There are scholarships available. Information is provided during the fall term.

My parent works for the university, and my tuition is paid through "tuition remission".  Will this also cover my study abroad tuition?

Unfortunately, no. Because tuition is paid directly back to the business school to cover your trip, someone has to have paid it in the first place. "Tuition remission" is simply a bookkeeping adjustment within the university, and no money changes hands.

I don't need the credits.  Do I have to register and pay the tuition?

Yes, because your tuition is used to pay for your trip.

Speaking of payments ... Can I make payments?

Yes. To minimize the financial impact, we accept a series of payments, starting with the initial deposit to reserve your slot.

When do I pay tuition?

Tuition will be billed separately by the University, sometime near the beginning of the summer term. Your payments will be deducted from your bill.

Can I pay by credit card?

Not at this time, although that might change in the future.

I have friends at Duquesne who are not business school students.  Can they participate as well?

Yes.  As long as your friends are students at Duquesne University and register for the courses, they are more than welcome to join the trip.

I'm interested.  How do I apply for the program?  Who do I talk to if I have additional questions?

Talk to your advisor or send an email to: