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Meet our Administrators and Academic Departments


Gretchen Givens Generett

Gretchen Givens Generett, Ph.D.

Dean for the School of Education
Noble J. Dick Endowed Chair in Community Outreach

107 Canevin Hall
Phone: 412.396.1890

Gretchen Givens Generett (Ph.D., Social Foundations, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1997) leads the School of Education as dean. Dean Generett has spent the last fifteen years in academia researching and teaching on issues of teacher professional development, educational leadership, and cultural diversity. A professor in the School of Education at Duquesne University, Dean Generett is in the Foundations and Educational Leadership Department and is the University's Noble J. Dick Endowed Chair in Community Outreach. Her teaching and research are designed to enhance the skills and habits of mind necessary for educators to effectively teach students from diverse populations. Dean Generett has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes in the field of education. She is the co-editor of the book Black Women in the Field: Experiences Understanding Ourselves and Others through Qualitative Research published by Hampton Press and has served as the guest editor for the journals Educational Foundations, Educational Studies, and Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership.

Melissa Boston

Melissa Boston, Ed.D.

Associate Dean for Teacher Education
Department of Instruction & Leadership in Education

101D Canevin Hall
Phone: 412.396.6109
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Melissa Boston (Ed.D., Mathematics Education, University of Pittsburgh, 2006) is a Professor of Mathematics Education at Duquesne University, where she teaches mathematics methods courses for elementary, middle school, and high school teaching candidates. Prior to this, Melissa taught middle school and high school mathematics. In her research, Melissa examines mathematics teaching and learning through classroom observations and collections of students' work, using the Instructional Quality Assessment (IQA) in Mathematics Toolkit, for which she is lead developer. Melissa is lead author of Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching to Inform Instructional Quality (Solution Tree) and Taking Action: Implementing Effective Mathematics Teaching Practice Grades 9-12 (NCTM). She has served as Associate Editor of Mathematics Teacher Educator (2012-2015), as Series Editor for NCTM's 2017-2018 Annual Perspectives in Mathematics Education, on NCTM's Principles to Actions Toolkit development team, on NCTM's Student Explorations in Mathematics committee, and on research advisory boards. Melissa is currently serving on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Board of Directors.

Amy Olson

Amy Olson, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Administration
Associate Professor
Department of Educational Foundations & Leadership

101C Canevin Hall
Phone: 412.396.5712
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Amy Olson (Ph.D., Educational Psychology, University of Arizona, 2014) is the Associate Dean for Administration and an associate professor of Educational Psychology and Classroom Assessment in the Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership at Duquesne University. Her research is primarily focused on the ways in which student, teacher, and principal self-beliefs and beliefs about academic content influence instruction and assessment decisions. Although much of her work has taken place in mathematics classrooms, she is also interested in issues of equity more broadly. Her teaching focuses on supporting future teachers to create engaging learning environments in which learning is made visible to both students and teachers.

Academic Departments

There are three academic departments within the School of Education: the Department of Educational Foundations & Leadership (DEFL), the Department of Instruction & Leadership in Education (DILE), and the Department of Counseling, Psychology, & Special Education (DCPSE).  Each of our programs, both at the undergraduate and graduate level, are housed under one of these unique departments.


Duquesne University's Department of Counseling, Psychology & Special Education (DCPSE) prepares ethical leaders, distinguished by their academic and professional expertise, who respect the uniqueness and promote the well-being of individuals, families, and communities through teaching, scholarship, and service. This department houses master's programs, doctoral programs, and other certification/licensure programs including:

Master's Programs

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), M.S.Ed.
  • Addiction Counseling- M.S.
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling-M.S.
  • Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling-M.S.
  • School Counseling-M.S.Ed
  • School Counseling for Certified Teachers-M.S.Ed.
  • Child Psychology- M.S.Ed.
  • Special Education: Cognitive, Behavior, Physical/Health Disabilities-M.S.Ed.
  • Special Education: Applied Behavior Analysis-M.S.Ed.

Doctoral Programs

  • School Psychology-Ph.D.
  • School Psychology-Psy.D.
  • Counseling Education & Supervision-Ph.D.

Other Certification/Licensure

  • Autism Endorsement
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Exam Preparation 
  • Licensure as a Professional Counselor
  • School Counseling

As a true service department, the Department of Educational Foundations & Leadership (DEFL) prides ourselves on living the Duquesne University Mission of "serving God by serving students." We offer a range of classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Our courses are integral not only to the study of teaching, evaluation, and educational leadership but also to disciplines across the university. In addition, our department houses a number of degree programs both at the master's and doctoral levels which train exemplary scholars and practitioners dedicated to fulfilling the School of Education's proud tradition of preparing educational leaders and conducting scholarship for schools.

The programs housed in this department include:

  • Education Administration (K-12)-M.S.Ed. & Pennsylvania Certification
  • School Supervision-M.S.Ed. & Pennsylvania Certification 
  • Higher Education Administration-M.S. 
  • Educational Leadership-Ed.D.

When students join a program in the Department of Instruction & Leadership in Education (DILE), their degree or credential(s) can take them anywhere. Collectively, our faculty has extensive experience in local schools as well as national and international prominence in the areas of research and teaching. The Department of Instruction & Leadership in education houses teaching certification programs, master's degrees, doctoral degrees, and other certification programs. These programs include:

Teaching Certification

  • Early Childhood Education (PreK-4)-B.S.Ed. & MAT
  • Middle-Level Education (4-8)-B.S.Ed
  • Secondary Education (7-12): English-B.S.Ed & MAT
  • Secondary Education(7-12): Mathematics-B.S.Ed. & M.S.Ed
  • Secondary Education(7-12): Social Studies-B.S.Ed & M.S.Ed
  • Secondary Education(7-12): Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)-B.S.Ed & M.S.Ed

Master's Degree

  • Instructional Technology-M.S.Ed.
  • Reading and Language Arts-M.S.Ed.

Doctoral Degree

  • Educational Technology -Ed.D.

Other Certification

  • Instructional Technology
  • Online Teaching Endorsement