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Mission & Goals


Educational Leaders

We’re preparing the future leaders of the profession by:

... creating an educational environment that recognizes and supports the self-identified needs of the marginalized in our society, and also fosters the ability of our students to do the same.

... modeling and advocating ethical leadership, creating curriculum and educational experiences using evidence-based means in an environment that fosters social responsibility.

… modeling and advocating ethical and just behavior toward all human beings while establishing the foundation for a continual path of transformation of the self, the profession, and the community.

Scholarship for Schools

Our scholarship informs educational practice and policy by:

… generating, disseminating and utilizing scholarship for and with community agencies, and schools, with an emphasis on improving the lives of marginalized populations.

Spiritan Tradition of Caring

We serve God by serving students and the larger community by:

… positively influencing the beliefs and attitudes of our learners, our influence empowers others to act in ways that lead to positive outcomes for marginalized populations within our community and beyond.

… fostering a respect for the dignity and rights of all human beings through modeling, exposure to and engagement with our community that results in reciprocal change.

… intentional efforts to teach our students to value and live the Spiritan Tradition of Caring.


Following in the tradition and identity of the Spiritans, we believe that:

  • Every individual has inherent worth and dignity.

  • Every individual has the right to a high quality education in a fair and safe environment.

  • Understanding and valuing cultural and human diversity enriches the quality of learning.

  • A supportive and challenging community promotes individual and organizational excellence.

  • Choosing to be an educator creates an obligation to support the wellbeing of others.

  • Responsible educators are committed to their profession and to their personal and professional growth.

  • Educators facilitate learning in order to effect constructive individual and social change.

  • Quality academic and professional preparation contributes to ethical practices that promote human dignity and social justice.

  • Organizational excellence requires continuous personal and professional growth of its members.



The mission of the School of Education, as a renowned learning community for the mind, heart and spirit, is to guide the formation of moral and ethical educational leaders, to advance innovation in teaching and scholarship, and to foster social responsibility. Within the context of the Spiritan identity and University vision, we will accomplish our mission by exemplifying the scholarly and ethical standards of our profession as we provide meaningful learning experiences, support scholarship, and sustain mutually beneficial partnerships.



Sustainability: Developing and maintaining a School of Education possessing the capacity to engage in evolutionary change that ensures its continued viability.

Competitiveness: Developing and maintaining a School of Education whose undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs ensure the preparation of the “educational leaders” able to demonstrate in their effective practice the Spiritan Tradition of caring including adherence to ethical standards, knowledge of their disciplines, and ability to collect and use data in the service of children and youth in school contexts.

We Commit to:
Embrace diversity of students, staff and faculty.
Be a community that advocates social justice and equity.
Be a community of respect that values others' perspectives.
Engaging in positive social and professional interactions to ensure mutual respect.
The belief that everyone has a voice, is listened to and heard, and is valued.
Maintain engagement, intellectual rigor, respectful communication, and professional courtesy.