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Policy and Procedure Manual Frequently Asked Questions

Can students register for continuous registration to finish the dissertation after they have used all of their dissertation credits?


Yes, for two semesters in a row. If the use of continuous registration in this manner is to be discouraged, the policy allows departments, and therefore programs, to limit the use of continuous registration for specific situations. The use of continuous registration does not affect the statute of limitations.


May students graduate in a semester in which they are continuously registered?


Yes, but a department reserves the right to limit such a situation.


If a student encounters a problem and is given Incomplete grades for one semester, then decides to take CR or Leave of Absence in the subsequent semester(s), will the incomplete grades still turn to F's while they are on CR / Leave?


Yes, unless the Dean allows for an extension of the completion time for the incomplete grade.


How will students who have a financial hold on his/her account register for CR credits? They sometimes take a semester off to pay the balance of their bills.


The CR policy is, in part, responding to University policy that says if a student doesn't register for two semesters in a row (Fall-Spring or Spring-Fall) then the student goes inactive. This applies for students on financial hold.


Therefore, a student on financial hold will remain active for two semesters, thus mitigating the need to register for CR. If a student doesn't intend to resolve the financial situation within one year, the student should apply for a leave of absence. Status change is not affected by the financial hold.


What about students who are enrolled for 0 credit hour courses who are interested in purchasing health insurance?


0 Credit Continuous Registrants are not eligible for the Duquesne University Student Health Plans. All questions regarding the Student Health Insurance Coverage should be directed to Risk Management, Genevieve Hughes at 412.396-6677 or via email at hughes@duq.edu.


Financial aid – what about paying back prior student loans if enrolled in 0 credit hours?


Generally, if a student is half-time or more, a student loan is deferred. If below half-time, for example, 0 credit hours, repayment of the loan would potentially begin after the six months grace period, if the student does not go back to half-time or more status in order for the loan to be deferred again. All questions regarding Financial Aid and Loan Repayment should be directed to the Financial Aid Office at 412.396-6607 or via email at faoffice@duq.edu.


International students have been advised not to only enroll in 0 credit hour Continuous Registration course only. Why?


International students must be registered at a full-time status. If they are not, they will jeopardize their immigration status. Any questions may be directed to Dr. Roberta Aronson at 412.396-1818 or via email at aronson@duq.edu.