Celebrating 50+ Years of Educational Excellence

Congratulations Dr. Peg!

Dr. Peg with framed Pittsburgh Terrible Towel

This year - 2021 - is the culmination of "Dr. Peg's" 50+ year career, beginning in 1967. When many younger educators find themselves working with educators of Dr. Peg's generation, it may feel that there is little commonality. However, the experience of educating and sharing knowledge is universal and connects the generations. Younger educators may have more in common with "veteran educators" than they may realize. Dr. Peg has also been a first-generation college student, working mother, and adult over 40 returning to school to pursue advanced degrees.

Dr. Margaret (Peg) M. Pankowski's career is both an inspirational story and an example of attainable career success and fulfillment. Peg began her career as a life-long learner and educational leader when she graduated from Duquesne University's School of Education in 1967 with a B.S.Ed. in Math Education. Her first teaching position was as a mathematics teacher for Chartiers Valley School District, outside of Pittsburgh, PA. She went on to earn her M.Ed. in 1971 at the University of Pittsburgh in downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

The focus of Dr. Peg's career has largely been math education at two-year colleges, beginning in her role as a full-time temporary math professor at CCAC Main Campus and leading to leadership roles including the director of the math restart program, the chair of CCAC's South Campus math department, one of the first faculty members at CCAC to develop and teach online courses, and later the interim dean for distance education.

During her time as a faculty member and the chair of the math department at CCAC South Campus, she was motivated to expand the scope and scale of her impact as an educator. She was a frequent workshop presenter for AMATYC (American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges) and elected to their governing board.

Peg's vision for her career evolved over the years and decades. While serving as interim dean for distance education for CCAC, Peg decided to return to Duquesne University's School of Education in the early 2000's to pursue her Ed.D. and prepare for senior cabinet-level administrative roles at two-year colleges.

Dr. Peg in middle with colleaguues on each side on graduation day 2003

After earning her Ed.D. in Instructional Leadership (the current Ed.D. in Educational Technology) in 2003, Peg went on to serve as the dean of the School of Technology at the Community College of Southern Nevada (CCSN), located in Las Vegas, NV.

In 2008, Peg and her husband Tony - who she met as an undergraduate at Duquesne (Anthony J. Pankowski, B.S. '69) - returned to the east coast, settling in Virginia, to be close to their eldest daughter's family as they welcomed their first grandchild into the world. In June 2021 she ends her 50+ year career at the age of 75, as a course mentor for WGU - Western Governors University - serving as a math coach for the next generation of elementary education teachers.

"I have always believed that all students - no matter their age or previous educational experiences - can learn math. I learned servant leadership at Duquesne and have always strived to serve the students and faculty at the institutions of higher education I have been a part of."

- Dr. Peg Pankowski
B.S.Ed. Math Education '67
Ed.D. Instructional Leadership '03

-Article contributed by Leslie Pankowski, Director of Communications serving New York City public schools (Dr. Peg's daughter).

1st photo - Dr. Peg with The Terrible Towel
2nd photo - Dr. Peg (center) at doctoral graduation