Alum Kaeli Stolar Featured for a Creative Welcome Back to Her Kindergarteners

Alum Kaeli Stolar in her classroom"You can do all of these things even though you are only four or five years old. You want to be an artist? You can be an artist. You want to be a dancer? You can be a dancer," Ms. Kaeli Stolar recounts to her local NBC news during her TV spotlight featuring the creativity and resourcefulness she brings to her kindergarteners so their education is not deterred by the pandemic at Washington Montessori Elementary School in Greensboro, N.C.

Ms. Stolar tells her class you can be anything you want to be and education is the way. She creates a place for students to thrive during their early years so they can master the skills they need to fulfill their dreams. It all begins in her class - with the help of a few crayons.

In the news feature, Ms. Stolar tells her virtual learners to put their "focus goggles" on so they don't miss a beat. As she welcomes back students to the physical classroom, she does so safely and creatively - with pool noodles made into crayon desk legs and messages of "You are smart" and "dream" woven throughout the room as well as "Like crayons, we are...making our mark" in craft paper across her classroom walls.

Ms. Kaeli Stolar is a Duquesne School of Education graduate from the B.S.Ed. Early Childhood Education program. She emails a message of thanks to her professors from her days as a Duquesne student. She shares, "I also wanted to express how grateful I am to all of you for getting me to this point...You believed in me...and gave me the tools to become the teacher I am today. I will never be able to thank you enough."

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