Congratulations Dr. Eva Allen!

Dr. Eva Allen

In applause of the impact of her scholarship in the field of education, Ed.D. Educational Leadership alum Dr. Eva Allen received the 2019 Outstanding Research and Publication Award from the Pennsylvania Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (PASCD).

This award is granted annually to a PASCD member whose scholarship has significantly impacted education through research and publications. PASCD is Pennsylvania's branch of the international Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), a prestigious organization that has greatly influenced the field of education. Her award will be presented at the annual PASCD conference in November in Hershey, PA, and a press release will follow.

Dr. Allen developed the theory of Cultural Care. Implementing the theory of Cultural Care in schools involves communicating with students in a way that shows "genuine interest in another person's social, emotional, mental, and physical well-being"1, while recognizing the individual's "race and culture as a vital part of the person's identity." 1 This social-emotional approach to classroom interactions aims to "establish positive relationships with students"1 and promote academic excellence. Research indicates that implementing Cultural Care has the potential to have a positive impact on diverse students as well as on all people in that environment. She expanded upon her scholarship and theory of Cultural Care through creating and implementing data-driven professional development on culturally responsive teaching, effective classroom management, trauma sensitive classrooms, restorative practices, efficacy, and social emotional learning (SEL). Additionally, she works with school-based teams to support the implementation of positive behavior systems of support.

Dr. Allen's scholarship has been honored through many national and international awards. Amongst many other honors, she received the 2017 Outstanding Dissertation Award, presented to her in New Mexico by the global organization, the International Alliance for Invitational Education. In addition to her scholarship, her work and service have also shaped the field of education. She has worked with Pittsburgh Public Schools for 20 years and is currently the Learning Environment Specialist for Student Support Services for the Pittsburgh Public School District. Dr. Allen serves as a member of the Ed.D. Educational Leadership Alumni Advisory Board for the Ed.D. Educational Leadership program at Duquesne. Currently, she collaborates with equity and diversity experts in the field to establish Culturally Connected Education, a professional development and consulting firm that assists individuals, schools, and districts in meeting and achieving their goals.

Dr. Eva Allen reflects on the impact Duquesne has made in the field of education: "It is because of the mentoring, guidance, and exemplary programs at Duquesne that we are able to grow and make an impact where it is most needed."

1Allen, E. J. (2017). Cultural Care and Inviting Practices: Building Relationships in an Urban Elementary School. Teacher Perspectives in Forming Positive Teacher-Student Relationships Based on Care and Equity (Doctoral dissertation, Duquesne University). Retrieved from