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Sizemore Pipeline Initiative: Tomorrow's Urban Teachers


  • 2011 marks the 2nd year Duquesne University has connected with the Sizemore Pipeline – Tomorrow’s Urban Teachers who are high school students interested in becoming future teachers.
  • Professors from Duquesne University visit the Sizemore Pipeline students on a monthly basis and present lessons on teaching strategies and techniques.
  • Culturally relevant pedagogy is introduced to students interested in teaching in urban settings.
  • Assessments and testing are an essential component to ensure students are getting an understanding of the taught material.  Once they understand the purpose of the test, many students can deal with taking the PSSA, SAT or the weekly pop up quiz.
  • Students visit Duquesne University for the Annual College/Career Preparation Day.  They get information on programs, such as the Summer Institute.  By enrolling in the Summer Institute students can earn college credit while still in high school.
  • While visiting Duquesne University campus, Sizemore Pipeline students tour the campus and interact with current students.
  • The Teacher’s Curriculum Center in the Gumberg Library has several resources for current and future teachers.
  • Students in the Sizemore Pipeline –Tomorrow’s Urban Teacher’s Program have the opportunity of participating in the Annual Sizemore Conference each year.  Students are asked to create a poster to document why they want to become an educator.
  • The Sizemore Pipeline design many creative lesson plans and ideas to make classroom learning fun.
  • Many Sizemore Conference attendees have commented that the highlight of the Annual Sizemore Conference is the voice of the Sizemore Pipeline –Tomorrow Urban Teachers.
  • The Sizemore Pipeline students discuss many sensitive issues which are prevalent in today’s society.
  • There are some students in the Sizemore Pipeline Program who choose Duquesne University as their choice for higher learning.  All the students are encouraged to go to and graduate from college.
  • The Sizemore Pipeline Program helps to build character and impart experiences which will aide students in making wise choices for their future.
  • The art of public speaking and teamwork is re-emphasized as our Sizemore Pipeline students explain to audience members their expectations of teachers in and out of the classroom.
  • The Sizemore Annual Conference is also a great venue for the Sizemore Pipeline Students to grow their professional networking contacts.

The new Career Literacy Program is open to high school students interested in becoming teachers in urban school settings. Teachers are catalysts for student achievement.  Introducing teacher leadership is the core of our program.

Some of the benefits of being a part of the program include:

  • exposure to career expectations for 21st century teachers
  • work orientations
  • performance best practices

A college preparation workshop is also included for early awareness of the college application process.

Teacher Leadership Counts (TLC).