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A Day in the Life of a Sizemore Pipeline Student Tomorrow's Urban Teacher

The Sizemore Pipeline – Tomorrow’s Urban Teacher is a new career literacy program for high school students interested in becoming teachers in urban school settings.

Students from Pittsburgh Langley Teaching Academy visited Duquesne University on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 to attend college and career preparation workshops. The photographs highlight their planned activities during their visit on campus.

  • Students are exposed to college professors who introduce new technology that shows how 21st century teachers are making new strides on how students learn.
  • Smart Board Technology is extremely easy to navigate for both teachers and students. Teachers can quickly incorporate them into their teaching to transform learning and increase student engagement.
  • The Financial Aid Process can be frustrating if you are not committed to meeting deadlines to apply for scholarships, grants and loans. TUT students learned the basics of the financial aid process from one of our financial aid counselors. The Financial Aid and Admissions Offices are in the Administration Building.
  • Representatives from the Admissions Office shared information about the admissions process and answered questions about college life. Students should begin thinking about college in their sophomore and junior years, take PSAT's, and SAT or ACT exams, highlight extracurricular activities, secure letters of recommendation & write error free essays to be admitted to the college of their choice.
  • Students from the Office of Multicultural Affairs really enjoyed sharing their perspective on the college experience with our high school students. Mentor networking is invaluable!
  • Most campuses offer a wide variety of co-curricular activities. Representatives from Greek Life talk about pledging a sorority or fraternity. Greek involvement encourages life-time membership, academic excellence, leadership, community service, and strong friendships.
  • Our students were given a tour of the Maureen P. Sullivan Curriculum Center, located in Gumberg library. The Center has a treasure of resources available for students and alumni who aspire to be leading teachers.
  • After being introduced to best practices used by master teachers, our students began to put their new knowledge to practice by creating their own teaching resources.
  • Our TUT students then showcased their hard work to professionals invested in the education community throughout Pittsburgh. We are so proud of them!
  • The day ended with the students addressing an audience of principals, teachers, social workers, community members and parents stating why they want to become a teacher and make a difference in their communities.