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Spiritan Tradition & the Barbara A. Sizemore Initiative


“Duquesne University serves God by serving students-through commitment to excellence in liberal and professional education, through profound concern for moral and spiritual values, through the maintenance of an ecumenical atmosphere, open to diversity, and through service to the Church, the community, the nation, and the world.”  The Spiritan Tradition and history, the force which drives cultural, and racial and ethnic boundaries as they proclaim the Good News in diverse parts of the world.”

The Barbara A. Sizemore Urban Education Initiative seeks “to immerse a new generation of educators in a passion for applying research and zeal to our practive in urban settings.” The Sizemore Initiative and Duquesne University’s School of Education aspire to succeed in linking the Spiritan tradition of caring, concern and respect for the God-given freedom and dignity of every human being-“particularly the poor, the forgotten, and the marginalized” to innovations in urban education inspired by the vision of Barbara Sizemore, we focus on closing the gap and on addressing issues of equity, excellence and social justice for students from all backgrounds, languages and cultures through education and research conducted at Duquesne University School of Education.

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