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Wayde Killmeyer, Ed.D.

Wayde Killmeyer- Executive Director- Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV

About Dr. Killmeyer:

Wayde Killmeyer has led two markedly different public school districts through periods of turmoil, gaining stability for the districts and higher achievement for the students.

As the superintendent of the Avella Area School District, he helped the district to recover after a theft scandal which caused the departure of almost the entire previous staff of administrators. Under Dr. Killmeyer's administration, the district reestablished the public trust, made Adequate Yearly Progress every year, and consistently received the Keystone Award for consecutive years of Adequate Yearly Progress.

As the superintendent of the Clairton City School District, Dr. Killmeyer led the district out of financial distress during the Corbett administration's cuts to public education. When he arrived in the district, the fund balance was $50,000 and there were no procedures in place for faculty, staff, or student accountability, nor plans for improvement. When Dr. Killmeyer left, the fund balance was just in excess of $1,000,000 and the entire school community understood that the school was a place that stood apart from the community. The district had an expectation of respect, achievement, and success.

Now, as the executive director of Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV, Dr. Killmeyer serves the 27 school districts of Butler, Lawrence, and Mercer Counties. The IU provides services in special education, technology, adult education, curriculum and instruction, and a myriad of other areas. Again, Dr. Killmeyer entered an organization that had been rocked by scandal and misappropriation of funds. By following their own policies, and holding fast to the mantra that they are there to serve children, the IU is now an organization that spends its resources for the public good rather than to deal with internal turmoil.

Throughout his career in education, Dr. Killmeyer's personal goal has been that he would like to leave any organization better for having worked there. Dr. Killmeyer would like to leave all people that he meets happier for having known him.

Areas of Expertise:

Community Relations, Board Relations, Human Resource Management, School Finance, Government Relations, Team-Building, School Law, Labor Negotiations, Professionalism in the Education Profession