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Courses and Electives

Required courses for the M.S.Ed. provide students with a background in language structure and use, second language acquisition, second language teaching methods, curriculum development and assessment, and multicultural education. These 7 courses (21 credits) include:

Subject Code Title Credits Offered
GESL 508 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners 3 Fall
GESL 510 Theories and Practice of Second Language 3 Fall
GESL 512 ESL Curriculum and Assessment 3 Spring
GESL 515 Sociolinguistics and the ESL Classroom 3 Spring
GESL 518 Integrated Literacy in the Content Areas 3 Summer
GESL 520 Advanced English Grammar and Applied 3 Fall
GESL 521 TESOL Methods 3 Spring

Electives in the program include 3 courses (9 credits) that are selected based on individual student interests and may include work in instructional technology, reading and language arts, special education, or research methods.

Subject Code  Title Credits Offered
GILT 511 Technology and Education 3 Fall, Spring & Summer
GILT 512 Instructional Design 3 Fall
GILT 513 Instructional Application of Technology 3 Spring
GRLA 524 Psychology of Reading 3 Summer
GRLA 525 The Teaching of Writing 3 Fall
GRLA 529 Reading in the Secondary Schools 3 Spring
GRLA 625 Reading Disabilities 3 Fall & Spring
GSCE 540 Adolescent Literature 3 Spring
GESL 690 M.S. Ed. Practicum Experience 3 Fall & Spring
Course Descriptions