School of Education Master’s Programs

master's programs

Further your career & passion through our master's programs

As a graduate student in our School of Education, you will be joining an extensive professional network in the Pittsburgh region and beyond, one that will connect you with successful educational leaders through coursework, mentorships, and internships. Inside and outside the classroom, your experiences will mold you into a proud member of our community of scholars, a group that is shaping the future of education.

In all of our 13 graduate programs, we invite you to explore different perspectives and bring you face-to-face with social justice issues in the field. As an alumnus, you will be someone who can really change and influence the lives of those that you work with because you will have learned how to really listen for understanding so that you can provide the necessary assistance.

Graduate programs for teaching inside or outside the classroom

MAT Early Childhood Education, PreK-4

MAT Secondary Education, 7-12

MAT World Languages (K-12)


M.S.Ed. Instructional Technology

M.S.Ed. Reading & Literacy Education

Graduate programs for educational leadership and K-12 principal preparation

M.S.Ed. Education Administration, K-12

M.S.Ed. School Supervision

M.S. Higher Education Administration

Graduate programs for counseling, special education, & psychology

M.S.Ed. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

M.S.Ed. Child Psychology

M.S.Ed. Special Education - Cognitive, Behavior, Physical/Health Disabilities (CBP/HD)

M.S.Ed. School Counseling

M.S.Ed. School Counseling for Certified Teachers

M.S. Addiction Counseling

M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling

M.S. Marriage, Couple, & Family Counseling

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance in the form of aid, assistantships, and tuition awards ranging from 25-60%, depending on program and eligibility, are available. A variety of graduate assitantships in Student Life and graduate assistantships in individual departments are available for competitive applications.