Courses for M.S. Higher Education Administration

The M.S. in Higher Education Administration provides students with the knowledge and experience necessary to become institutional leaders ready to advance America's diverse array of colleges and universities. Graduates of the program carry with them a broad, holistic understanding of university structures and operational areas, as well as the ability to identify and analyze problems, craft data-driven solutions, and cast vision for future practice.

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
GHEA 501

Foundations of American Higher Education

This course explores the development of the American system of higher education from its origins to the present. The evolution of instructional purposes, forms, constituents, and functions are traced over time, culminating in an introduction to the modern university, its key operational areas, and contemporary challenges.

GHEA 502

Data-Driven Decision Making in Higher Education

This course introduces research methods and assessment in higher education administration, with special attention given to identifying, collecting, analyzing, and using appropriate and relevant data in support of strategic decision making.

GHEA 521

Organization and Governance in Higher Education

This course examines theories and frameworks for understanding the administrative structures, institutional cultures, and organizational behaviors of colleges and universities. Prerequisites: GHEA 501, GHEA 502.

GHEA 522

Financial Management in Higher Education

This course considers the fundamental principles and practices of resource allocation in higher education, including standard budgeting processes, interpretation of financial data, and financial management strategies. Prerequisites: GHEA 501, GHEA 502.

GHEA 523

Legal Issues in Higher Education

This course provides an overview of the statutory and regulatory environment in which colleges and universities operate, focusing primarily on individual rights, institutional obligations, and government mandates. Prerequisites: GHEA 501, GHEA 502.

GHEA 524

The College Student Experience

This course examines how postsecondary environments and experiences affect students. Topics include college student characteristics, student development theory, and student affairs administration. Prerequisites: GHEA 501, GHEA 502.

GHEA 525

Managing External Relations in Higher Education

This course considers the characteristics and interests of external constituencies critical to the success of the modern university. Marketing and communication strategies for engaging key stakeholders are reviewed. Prerequisites: GHEA 501, GHEA 502.

GHEA 526

Leadership in Higher Education

This course explores the personal competencies and practices that support effective leadership in postsecondary contexts, including self-assessment, team facilitation, and change management. Prerequisites: GHEA 501, GHEA 502.

GHEA 551

Administrative Practicum

This field-based practicum in higher education administration is supervised by a professional mentor working in an operational area of interest to the student and culminates in a project proposal for the capstone course. Prerequisites: GHEA 521, GHEA 522, GHEA 523, GHEA 524, GHEA 525, GHEA 526.

GHEA 552

Capstone in Higher Education

This research study of a postsecondary issue of importance results in a final report that situates the issue within the context of the particular institution examined, draws upon relevant literature in the field, analyzes institutional data, and makes recommendations that contribute to institutional improvement. Study results will be publicly presented. Prerequisites: GHEA 551.