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Full Institutional Report

Addendum to the Institutional Report

Site Map

Conceptual Framework

Exhibit O.1.1 DU Undergraduate Catalog

Exhibit O.1.2 SOE Graduate Catalog

Exhibit O.2 Professional Education Syllabi

Exhibit O.3.1 LTP Conceptual Framework Original

Exhibit O.3.2 LTP Conceptual Framework Matrix

Exhibit O.3.3 Working Assumptions Proposed Revision

Exhibit O.4 Accreditation letters

Standard I

Exhibit 1.1 PDE Reviews

Exhibit 1.2.1 Assess Content Knowledge PRAXIS

Exhibit 1.2.2 Title II Reports

Exhibit 1.5 Candidate Work Samples

Exhibit 1.6.1 Graduate Level Alumni Survey

Exhibit 1.6.2 Undergraduate Alumni Survey

Exhibit 1.7 Employer Satisfaction Survey 2011

Exhibit 1.8.1 Professional Dispositions

Exhibit 1.8.2 PDE 430 Summary Data

Exhibit 1.8.3 Exit Portfolio and Data

Exhibit 1.8.4 PA Code Professional Conduct

Standard II

Exhibit 2.1.0 DU SOE Unit Assessment System Manual

Exhibit 2.2 Entry to Program Data

Exhibit 2.3 Procedures for Fair Assessment

Exhibit 2.4.0 DU SOE Unit Assessment System Manual

Exhibit 2.6 Procedures for Student Complaints

Exhibit 2.8 SOE Academic Learning Outcomes Assessment (ALOA) Reports

Standard III

Exhibit 3.1 Memoranda of Understanding Agreements

Exhibit 3.3 Student Teaching Orientation Presentation

Exhibit 3.4 Clinical Practice by Program

Exhibit 3.5 School District-University Collaborative Handbook

Exhibit 3.6 Field Experience and Clinical Practice Assessment

Standard IV

Exhibit 4.1.0 Diversity Competencies

Exhibit 4.2 New Diversity Curriculum

Exhibit 4.3.1 New Assessment Instruments Diversity

Exhibit 4.3.2 New Diversity Assess Rubrics

Exhibit 4.4 Faculty Diversity

Exhibit 4.5 DU Faculty Search Diversity Policy

Exhibit 4.6 Candidate Demographics

Exhibit 4.7 Recruit Diverse Candidates

Exhibit 4.8 P-12 School Demographics

Exhibit 4.9 Field Placements Annual Reports

Standard V

Exhibit 5.1.1 Faculty Qualifications

Exhibit 5.1.2 Education Unit Adjunct Faculty 2010-2011

Exhibit 5.2 University Supervisor Credentials

Exhibit 5.3.1 Scholarship Summary 2008-2010

Exhibit 5.3.2 Faculty Book Chapters

Exhibit 5.3.3 Faculty Conference Presentations

Exhibit 5.3.4 Faculty Refereed Articles

Exhibit 5.4 Faculty Service and Collaborative Report

Exhibit 5.5 DU Faculty Handbook

Exhibit 5.5.1 Tenure and Promotion Policies

Exhibit 5.5.2 DU Faculty Resource Guide

Exhibit 5.6.1 Research Faculty Appraisal

Exhibit 5.6.2 Clinical Faculty Appraisal

Exhibit 5.6.3 Student Evaluation Survey Results

Exhibit 5.6.4 Faculty Appraisals Summary

Exhibit 5.7 Faculty Professional Development

Standard VI

Exhibit 6.1 Unit Policies

Exhibit 6.1.2 SOE Policy Procedural Manual

Exhibit 6.2 Unit Organizational Charts

Exhibit 6.3 Unit Student Services

Exhibit 6.4 Recruitment and Admissions

Exhibit 6.5 Unit Publications

Exhibit 6.6 Unit Budget

Exhibit 6.7 Comparative School Budgets

Exhibit 6.9 Summary Faculty Course Loads

Exhibit 6.10 Unit Facilities

Exhibit 6.11.1 Library Resources

Exhibit 6.11.2 Gumberg Library Strategic Plan

Exhibit 6.12 Distance Learning Resources

Conceptual Framework Addendum

Addendum O.5 LTQC Members 2011-2012

Addendum O.6 LTQC Program Review for Alignment

Addendum O.7 LTP Alignment Program Reviews

Addendum O.8 Spiritan Tradition of Caring Statements

Standard I Addendum

Addendum 1.9 Charge to LTQC to Address Enrollment Issue

Addendum 1.10 Revised Praxis Reports

Addendum 1.11 Professional Dispositions Assessment

Addendum 1.12.1 Educational Administration Assessment Data by Venue

Addendum 1.12.2 School Psychology Intern Evaluation Data

Standard II Addendum

Addendum 2.9 School of Education Online Courses

Addendum 2.9.1 Educational Administration Program

Addendum 2.10 Instructional Technology Distance Learning Program

Standard III Addendum

Addendum 3.7 Affiliation Agreements with Schools

Addendum 3.8 Cooperating Teacher Supervisor Ratings Report

Addendum 3.9 Revised Clinical Practice Tracking

  • Addendum 3.9.1 Field Assignment and Rubrics

Addendum 3.10 Exit Portfolio Training Session

Addendum 3.11 Examples of Field and Intern Data

Standard IV Addendum

Addendum 4.10 DU SOE Faculty Demographic Comparison

Addendum 4.11 Candidate Demographics

Addendum 4.12 Diversity Assessment

Addendum 4.12.1 Diversity Assessment by Program Matrix 2.21.12

Addendum 4.12.2 Diversity Assessment Documents

Addendum 4.12.3 Diversity Assessment Data Reports

Addendum 4.13

Standard V Addendum

Addendum 5.8 Office of Research Annual Report 2011

Addendum 5.9 Duquesne University School of Education Faculty by Rank

Standard VI Addendum

6.13 School of Education Advisory Board

6.14 Teacher Education Council

Addendum 6.15 Letter of Support from PPS Superintendent

Addendum 6.16 Examples of Teacher Education Council Collaboration