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Student Affiliates in School Psychology

Mentorship Program


The Duquesne University Chapter of Student Affiliates of School Psychology Mentorship Program creates partnerships between incoming school psychology students and those who have completed at least one year of the program. It is designed to assist new students in their transition into the school psychology program through the guidance of current students.


The Mentorship Program pairs a more experienced student with a less experienced student for an ongoing partnership created to assist with the transitions and demands of graduate school. The transition from undergraduate to graduate school can be confusing for many students as there are a variety of new personal and professional demands. Mentors can help mentees better understand their new roles and the skills needed to succeed in graduate school, assist in the ongoing understanding of the field of School Psychology, and help with the personal transitions. While there are many obvious benefits for mentees such as academic, personal, and professional support, the partnership can be a mutually beneficial one that provides self-reflection and satisfaction for the mentor as well.

Thank You to the 2014 Mentors

Adam Blefari
Whitly Breakey
Suzannah Chatlos
Marah Coleman
Stephanie Fields
CJ Fleischmann
Amanda Griffin
Becca Haber
Meghan Latzy
Erika Martin
Ben Mast
Allison McCobin
Markie Ponsonby
Kera Recce
Andrea Schachner
Andy Schmidt
Kerry Schutte
Jaimie Stanek
Michelle Truffin
Lindsey Vicoria
Jen Wehan
Alexis Wehr