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Student Affiliates in School Psychology

2014-2015 SASP Board



Co-Chair: Kerry Schutte

Co-Chair: Amanda Griffin

SASP Co-Chairs are responsible for overseeing SASP activities and events. They coordinate functions such as the Mentorship Program, University Teaching Certification Program, and other relevant trainings. The Co-Chairs meet regularly with the faculty advisor to discuss goals of the organization, and are the liaisons between the faculty and student body.

Secretary: Kristen Placer

The SASP Secretary is in charge of taking minutes for all SASP meetings, as well as assisting with all administrative matters for SASP. The SASP secretary is also responsible for maintaining and updating the SASP website.

Treasurer: Kate Piselli

The SASP Treasurer disburses Student Chapter funds required to conduct Chapter affairs and activities, approved by its members or the Student Chapter Executive Committee. The Treasurer ensures that all current student members are entitled to participate in membership services and activities at student member rate. Lastly, the Treasurer prepares an annual Student Chapter budget.

 Social Chair: Allison McCobin

The SASP Social Chair is responsible for planning and executing activities and social events to foster camaraderie among students in the School Psychology program.


Volunteer Chair:  Kayla Nichols

The SASP Volunteer Chair is responsible for coordinating a variety of volunteer services. As future school psychologists, students are encouraged to be involved with the community at multiple levels. Volunteer activities range from providing direct services to children and adolescents to servicing the communities through neighborhood cleanups.


Speaker Series Chair: Suzannah Chatlos

The SASP Speaker Series Chair is in charge of the coordination and selection of presentations for the School Psychology program. Speakers are selected based upon the students' interests and needs. Presentations highlight both program faculty and their research interests/opportunities for students to become involved in current research projects, as well as professionals throughout the Pittsburgh area who can serve as both knowledgeable and interesting informants and can create networking opportunities.  

Newsletter Chair: Andrea Schachner

The SASP Newsletter Chair creates and distributes monthly newsletters to program students and faculty via the SASP email account. The newsletter typically contains information regarding upcoming events, important program dates, and current news in the program and field. The Newsletter Chair also is responsible for updating SASP social media sites, the SASP bulletin board, and the SASP Duquesne website.

Cohort Rep:  Taylor Phillips

Cohort Rep:  Stephanie Fields

Cohort Rep:  Cassie Berbary

Cohort Rep:  Dan Wells

The SASP Cohort Representatives maintain communication and interactions between the SASP Board and cohort members. Cohort Representatives are responsible for bringing forward cohort issues, concerns, and ideas to SASP meetings.

Congratulations to the Newly Elected 2015-2016 SASP Board!

Co-Chairs: Kerry Schutte & Amy Tiberi

Secretary: Allison McCobin

Treasurer: Adam Blefari

Social Chair: Stephanie Fields

Volunteer Chair: Taylor Phillips

Speaker Series Chair: Megan Shinaberry

Newsletter Chair: Kristen Montgomery