Courses for Instructional Technology Certificate Program

The following courses are required to obtain the certificate in Instructional Technology.

View the online Graduate School Course Catalog for detailed Program course descriptions. Refer to this catalog for electives and other courses.

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
GILT 511

Technology and Education

Examines the pedagogy of teaching digitally, the use of technology as a teaching strategy for the classroom, and the impact of school-related legislation and leadership roles available in instructional technology.

GILT 512

Instructional Design

"Instructional Design is a ""hands-on"" course. As such, you will work on assignments to address some of the key issues confronting educators with respect to the design and implementation of technology-based lessons in the classroom. This course introduces the fundamental concepts of technology-based instruction by examining the pedagogy of teaching and the use of technology as a teaching tool. The instructional design theories that are introduced are equally applicable to education, training and learning in general. However, this course was designed specifically around the application of these theories and practices in the teaching of children. Blending these theories, participants design instructional materials that take full advantage of their target population's learning strengths, and help their learners master the material and identified learning objectives. The design activities are provided to guide you in the development of an overall unit of instruction and how the particular lesson you will create in this course fit into the grand scheme of the identified unit of instruction. "

GILT 513

Instructional Application of Technology

Participants will prepare technology-based instructional lessons in K-12 subjects (Math, Science, English and Social Studies). They will integrate their understanding of instructional design and delivery with basic learning theories.

GILT 514

Management of Instructional Technology

Technology planning, the impact of technology on students and organizations, the multicultural effects of technology, and project management life cycle will be considered.

GILT 515

Instructional Technology Practicum

The pivotal learning experience providing an opportunity to learn by doing. Participants will be paired with real-world demands to implement technology in schools. Typically taken during the final semester of the program.