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Children referred to the Reading Clinic receive a thorough educational assessment that includes:

• Consultation with clinicians

• Reading, writing and academic testing

• Attitude and motivation surveys

• Cognitive assessments

• Case study with summaries and instructional recommendations

Complete assessment requires approximately 15 hours of student participation over several days.

Instruction in Reading and Writing

All instruction in reading and writing complies with Pennsylvania Department of Education standards.

Reading instruction is designed to:

• develop the joy of reading

• provide guided reading lessons

• help children use critical thinking skills

• incorporate activities involving the arts

• stimulate the imagination

• integrate computer-assisted instruction

Writing instruction is designed to improve:

• spelling and grammar

• sentence and paragraph writing

• note taking

• persuasive and informational writing (PSSA format)


For some children, an individualized instructional program will be developed that includes small group tutoring sessions with experienced teachers. The sessions are designed to build confidence while improving strengths and correcting weaknesses in language arts.


Parent Involvement

The Reading Clinic holds regularly scheduled workshops for parents who wish to learn how they can provide literacy support for their children.

Workshop leaders teach parents the importance of family support and how to be active participants in their child’s literacy development and model behaviors at home that develop lifetime habits of literacy.

Parents will receive tutoring progress reports at the end of each semester.