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Acknowledging the Dignity and Uniqueness of Each Individual

Rachel Brown

Child Psychology
School Psychology PhD
School Psychology PsyD

When has justice ever been as simple as a rule book? I will obey your orders. I will serve this ship as First Officer. And in an attack against the Enterprise, I will die with this crew.

But I will not break my oath of loyalty to Starfleet. Computer, belay that order. Yes, absolutely, I do indeed concur, wholeheartedly! My oath is between Captain Kargan and myself.

Your only concern is with how you obey my orders. Or do you prefer the rank of prisoner to that of lieutenant? Did you come here for something in particular or just general Riker-bashing? Mr. Crusher, ready a collision course with the Borg ship.

Ensign Babyface! Now, how the hell do we defeat an enemy that knows us better than we know ourselves?


We know you're dealing in stolen ore. But I wanna talk about the assassination attempt on Lieutenant Worf. Fear is the true enemy, the only enemy. This is not about revenge.

This is about justice. But the probability of making a six is no greater than that of rolling a seven. Congratulations - you just destroyed the Enterprise.

What's unique about a DILE education?

What's unique about a DILE education?

Layal Alahmadi

Layal Alahmadi


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