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Basic Skills Testing Verification Process

The PA Department of Education requires assessment of all candidates in basic skills. You may combine reading, writing and mathematics module scores from different test providers to meet the basic skills requirements using PDE's Mixed Score Option

  • If Duquesne University did not receive your official SAT or ACT test scores directly from the testing vendor, then official scores must be obtained from College Board or ACT. Please follow the steps outlined below.
  • Per PDE, scores that were submitted to Duquesne via your high school transcript are not considered official.
  • Basic Skills Assessment Scores - Mixed Scores Option

Request Official Test Scores - SAT or ACT 

  • Official test scores must be sent to the student in an envelope sealed by the vendor.
  • Students should forward their unopened, official scores to the Student and Academic Services office in 214 Canevin Hall, attention:  Lisa Patrick.

How to Obtain Official SAT Test Scores:

1. Must call 866-756-7346 (cannot do online or using paper form - can only be used to request scores to be sent to schools)

2. Select prompt # 3 (for score information)

3. Select prompt #1 (or stay on the line) for live operator

4. Request scores to be sent to HOME ADDRESS

5. Info to have ready when making this request:

  •  Last name, first name
  • Date of birth
  • Last 4 digits of Social Security Number
  •  Home address
  •  Email and phone associated w/SAT account
  • Credit card to pay $11.25 charge
  • optional: reg # and user name on account

6. It will take 2-4 weeks to receive scores at home. The envelope, with the College Board logo, should be sealed/delivered UNOPENED to the SAS office in 214 Canevin Hall.

How To Obtain Official ACT Plus Writing Test Scores:

1.  Request scores for personal use online after you test, if you have a free student Web account.

2.  After you log in to your student Web account, select the test date you want to have reported, and provide basic identifying information, you will find directions to help you request and pay for a copy of your score report for a high school, an uncoded college or agency, or for personal use.

3. Choose:  Personal use and have your scores sent to your home address.

4.  If you tested before September 1, 2012, those scores have been archived. Archived reports cost $22 more per report and take an additional working day to process. This additional fee covers the cost of searching for archived scores and is nonrefundable, even if no scores are located.

  • Tested after 9/1/2012: $12 per test date report
  • Tested before 9/1/2012: $34 per test date report (includes a nonrefundable $22 archived score fee)

5. Once you submit your request, by any method, it cannot be changed or canceled.

 6. ACT delivers regular reports at least every two weeks. The envelope, with the ACT logo, should be sealed/delivered UNOPENED to the SAS office in 214 Canevin Hall.