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Out-of-State Certification

NASDTEC Interstate Agreement

The interstate agreement, arranged by NASDTEC, is a collection of over 50 individual agreements by states and Canadian provinces. Each individual "agreement" is a statement by that state or jurisdiction outlining which other states' educator certificates will be accepted by that state. Specifically the agreement outlines which particular types of educator certificates (teachers, administrators, service personnel, or career/technical), and which particular styles of certifications (titles, fields, etc.) will be accepted.

What it is not:
It is not a collection of 2-way agreements of reciprocal acceptance. For example, although Georgia affirms with its agreement that it will accept certificates from Connecticut, this acceptance in no way implies that Connecticut will accept Georgia certificates.

It is not a guarantee that all certificate titles will be accepted by a receiving state. For example, in the "sending" state you may hold a "temporary" or "provisional" certificate which is excluded from the agreement signed by the "receiving" state. In such a case, the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement provides no help toward your receipt of a certificate in the "receiving" state.

It is not necessarily "full" reciprocity. The educator may have to complete additional requirements, such as coursework, assessments, or classroom experience, before receiving a full professional certificate in the new state.

Visit the state's Department of Education website for the current certification requirements and application instructions.

State Specific Requirements for Teachers

State Requirements for Initial Certification

Out-of-State Certification Requirements
  • Original Valid Certificate issued from another state
  • Official Transcript in a sealed envelope from the institution
  • NOTE: Supplement EXP verifying appropriate educational experience is required for the issuance of an instructional support certificate (i.e., an area of educational administration, library media, school counseling, school psychometry, school psychology, or sport management). Supplement EXP must be used to verify educational experience.
  • Basic Skills Assessments and Prescribed Praxis Tests - official scores
  • Hold at least a Bachelor's degree from an institution that was regionally accredited at the time of graduation
  • Background Clearances based on fingerprint review
  • Has never held an Alaska teacher certificate
  • Hold a current, valid out-of-state teacher certificate

An Initial/Out-of-State teacher certificate will be valid for one year, but may be reissued twice for a total of two (2) one-year extensions.

Prior to expiration of the Initial/Out-of-State certificate the following items must be received:

  • Passing scores on an approved basic competency exam (BCE)
  • Institutional Recommendation(IR), State Recommendation (SR), or Program Enrollment Form

For the second one-year extension:

  • Official transcripts must be received by the Teacher Certification office prior to the expiration date of the Initial/Out-of-State certificate showing the completion of three (3) semester hours of approved Alaska studies coursework and the completion of three (3) semester hours of approved Alaska multicultural coursework. The transcripts must be received prior to the expiration date of the Initial/Out-of-State certificate.
  • A photocopy of a valid AZ IVP fingerprint card or a photocopy of your valid AZ fingerprint clearance card
  • Official transcripts - Bachelor's or more advanced degree from an accredited institution
  • A valid comparable out-of-state teaching certificate from any other state in the United States. Submit a notarized photocopy of the certificate
  • Professional Knowledge Exam (NES Assessment of Professional Knowledge OR a passing score on the appropriate AEPA Professional Knowledge exam.
  • If applicable, submit appropriate documentation to qualify for exam waiver(s)-information can be downloaded from the AZ Department of Education website.
  • Completed Application
  • Official transcripts of all college coursework and degrees (official transcripts will be accepted from the applicant.)
  • Copy of current/expired, out-of-state or out-of-country teaching license.
  • Documentation (copies of the fingerprint card and application for the background check) that the required background checks have been started. An educator's license will not be issued until the applicant has cleared background checks conducted by the Arkansas State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
  • All out-of-country applicants must have their credentials (degree, license) evaluated by one of the approved private evaluation agencies located in the United States. 
  • A one-year, non-renewable provisional educator's license will be available for applicants with a current/expired out-of-state or out-of-country license, but who lack the required testing, the three hour Arkansas History course, or cannot document three years of teaching experience.       
  • Completed application & current fees
  • Supporting documentation (transcripts showing a baccalaureate degree from a regionally- accredited college or university, exam scores, etc.), http://www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/requirements.html
  • Out-of-state credential
  • Out-of-State Residents Only: You must submit two completed fingerprint cards (FD-258) in lieu of a LiveScan receipt. You must also submit all applicable processing fees. Fingerprint cards may be ordered by email at credentials@ctc.ca.gov.
  • CO application 
  • Official Transcripts
  • Colorado is an approved program state. You initially will be endorsed in the approved-program area(s) completed at your out-of-state college/university or through your out-of-state alternative program. Any additional content areas must be added via an added endorsement application.
Praxis Tests- You may be exempt from content assessment tests if you have three or more years of verified successful full-time teaching experience.  If a content test is required, you will be notified by the Educator Licensing Office.
  • Colorado does not require any additional coursework if you have met the educator preparation program requirements in the state in which you are presently licensed.
  • The interstate agreement does not exempt candidates from degree, testing and/or experiential requirements applicable to the requested certification endorsement.
  • Connecticut may accept completion of a state-approved educator preparation program at a regionally accredited college or university from another US state, or a minimum of 30 months of successful full-time experience under the other state's valid educator certificate (at least equivalent to a Connecticut initial educator certificate), appropriate to the subject area being requested. To be considered, the experience must be completed within ten years of the date of application for Connecticut certification.
  • Application
  • $50 Fee
  • Official Transcripts
  • Statement of Successful Professional Experience
  • Copy of out-of-state certificate - front and back
  • Statement of Preparing Higher Education Institution - Must include the university seal and be signed by the certification officer or dean
  •  Transcripts - send official (unopened) transcripts for all degrees and coursework directly to our office. DOE can only accept transcripts from regionally accredited colleges/universities.
  • Non-Delaware Credentials - educators who hold a full and current license/certificate in another U.S. state (including District of Colombia, Guam, and Puerto Rico) will receive a comparable Delaware license/certificate.
    Delaware does not accept the following credentials as reciprocal: Certificates of Eligibility, Intern Certificates, Conditional Certification, Substitute Teacher License, Private School License, Endorsements
  • If your credential is valid beyond the expiration date listed on your Certificate, you must have the issuing State Department of Education submit a letter verifying your credential is still current and valid.
  • If your credential is not accepted under reciprocity, you will need to submit Praxis I scores for your License and the appropriate Praxis II or ACTFL scores or coursework for your Certificate. Educational Testing Service (ETS) administers the Praxis tests. Please use reporting code R7065 to ensure test scores are sent electronically to the Delaware Department of Education.
  • Teaching Experience - Applicants who have held a full-time (non-substitute) K-12 teaching position in a school other than a Delaware public or charter school will need to submit Verification of Teaching Experience Form.(Form E) The Form must be completed by the school or the personnel office of the school or district where the experience was obtained and the section listing verification of successful evaluations must be completed.

District of Columbia

  •  Application for Regular II Licensure [PDF] (Program completers)
  • Educational Employment Verification Form
  • Procedures to obtain nationwide criminal history report
  • Official transcripts or student issued transcripts sealed in a college/university envelope from ALL institutions where a degree was earned and/or applicable coursework completed.
  • Out of State Approved Program Verification Form
  • Official Praxis, SAT, ACT and/or GRE score reports (all pages)for the applicable area(s), where required (printed PDF results are acceptable)
  • An original fingerprint supported nation-wide Criminal History Report that has been issued within the previous 12 months. The report must be sealed in the official envelope mailed by the agency issuing the criminal history background report
  • A copy of the front and back pages of your valid Level II full license
  • You must submit an official transcript showing at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited or approved U.S. institution to apply for a certificate. College level credits awarded by the American Council on Education (ACE) are also acceptable.
  • Be sure that your social security number or Florida DOE# is on each transcript. Some institutions do not display the social security number without a specific request from the student. Therefore, ask the registrar's office when you request transcripts that your social security number be shown on your transcript. You may also write your social security number or Florida DOE# on the document.
  • Submit all valid certificates that you hold, regardless of whether you have recently taught in that state. We cannot provide a complete evaluation without all of your credentials in your file.
  • The subject/s shown on your certificate must be considered comparable to a subject/s issued in Florida.
  • Application and Fee
  • GaPSC Certification Application
  • All transcripts from undergraduate and graduate coursework
  • Verification of Lawful Presence documentation (includes the Affidavit)
  • Copy of all professional certificates (valid or expired)
  • A copy of official score reports for any content-based assessment required to obtain the professional certificate/s
  • Experience Verification Form
  • Processing Fee ($20)
  • Experience gained by out-of-state educators may now be used to exempt certain Special Georgia Requirements except the Standards of Conduct. An applicant must have earned between one and 3 full years of successful education experience within five years of the date of application. The out-of-state experience must be in the same field (subject area) as the certificate being requested. If you qualify for this exemption, you must submit a GaPSC Experience Verification Form completed by your previous out-of-state employing school system.
  •  Application
  • Verification of Qualifying Experience
  • Confirmation of Licensure and Certification Tests
  • Institutional Recommendation
  • Official Transcripts
  • Copy of out-of-state teaching license
  • Fee - $240 for 5 year license
  •  Application
  • Fingerprint Card
  • Application Fee - $75
  • Notarized Photocopy of Current and Valid Out-of-State Certificate
  • Official Transcripts
  • Completed Institutional Recommendation Form
  • Official Praxis II Assessment Score Sheet or Notarized Photocopy
  •  Transcripts from an accredited institution
  • A Valid, comparable out-of-state certificate
  • Grade Verification Form
  • ISBE Form 73-05 State-Approved Program Verification
  • Test of Academic Proficiency
  • Option of substituting the ACT Plus Writing (composite score of 22)
    or the SAT (composite score of 1030-critical reading + mathematics) in lieu of the TAP
    -- see our website for more information: http://www.isbe.net/licensure/html/testing.htm
  • Applicable content-area tests
  • Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT)(teaching only)
  • Must apply for the license online -  $150 application fee
  • Satisfactorily completed student teaching or equivalent experience
  • A minimum of one course in cross-categorical special education methods (for Professional Educator License)
  • A minimum of one course in ESL/bilingual methods (for Professional Educator License)
  • 6 semester hours of coursework in the methods of reading and reading in the content area (for Professional Educator License)
  • LVIS application
  • Areas for Evaluation form
  • Copy of your CPR/AED/Heimlich maneuver certification
  • Suicide Prevention Training Certificate
  • Official Transcripts, which include university
  •  Application
  • Section II - Institutional Statement- signed and sealed
  • Copies of passing test scores
  • Copy of current, valid and full license from another state
  • Official Transcripts
  • Experience Verification Form or a Letter from Administrator in Employing School District
  • Background Check packet
  • Fees - $145 -evaluation fee + $60 processing fee
  • Application
  • Official Transcripts
  • Valid out-of-state teaching license
  • Recency - must have at least 8 credit hours or one year of accredited teaching experience completed within the last six years
  • Content and Pedagogy Tests
  • Order a Fingerprint Card
  • Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Completion of a state-approved teacher preparation program
  • Employment Verified - any experience during the last six years
  • Fee - $54
  •  TC-1 Application with page 5 completed
  • Passing Praxis II Specialty Area Tests for each certification and Principals of Learning & Teaching
  • TC-1 Section signed by superintendent, if you have out-of-state teaching experience
  • $50 Fee
  • Official Transcripts
  • Out-of-state applicants must have completed a state approved teacher preparation program at a regionally accredited educator preparation institution or a state-approved alternative training program. In addition, candidates must comply with the state ancillary requirements such as GPA, testing and internship.
  • Out-of-state applicants who hold a valid certificate and have completed two years of teaching in the subject area and grade level on their certificate will be waived of the current testing requirements.
  •  Level I Professional Certificate issued if Louisiana's Praxis and/or NTE Testing are met
  • Out-of-State Certificate issued if Louisiana's Praxis and/or NTE Testing requirements are NOT met
  • Official Transcripts
  • Copy of Teaching Certificate
  • School Experience Verification Form
  • Professional Conduct Form
  • $50 Fee
  • All packets are to be sent as a single packet
  •  Complete & sign application
  • Official Transcripts
  • Copy of out-of-state certificate
  • $100 Fee
  • Applicants holding a current full teaching certificate from another state who are seeking a teaching certificate in the same endorsement area in Maine will not be required to take the PPST or Principles of Learning and Teaching examinations. Please provide a copy of the certificate with your application package. The Praxis II, however, will be required.
  • Meet MD's qualifying scores on all required teacher certification tests
  • Official Transcripts
  • Qualifying Scores on required certification tests (Basic Skills and Praxis II or ACTFL content assessments
  • Cover letter with your name, mailing address, date of birth, social security number, personal email address, and the area of certification you are seeking.  Daytime phone number is suggested
  • Copy of a valid educator license - must be comparable to the field and level of the MA license
  • A temporary license cannot be issued to anyone who has failed any part of an applicable MTEL test or passed all applicable MTEL tests
  • Applicants seeking licensure through completion of an educator preparation program sponsored by a college or university accredited by NCATE must submit an official transcript and an endorsement from the higher education institution validating completion of the program
  •  Programs completed through colleges/universities outside of Michigan must be approved for the certification of teachers by another state. Contact that state's education department for information.Upon completion of the out-of-state program, candidates must apply for a Michigan teacher certification, and their credentials must be evaluated by the OPPS
  • Provisional Temporary Teacher Employment Authorization (valid 1 year) - Issued to candidates who hold an acceptable valid teaching certificate from another state; have never held a Michigan teaching certificate; have applied for initial Provisional Certification AND meet all the requirements for the Provisional Certificate, except for passing the MTTC
  •  Graduate of an accredited by the regional association
  • The program leading to licensure completed by the applicant is essentially equivalent in content to approved programs offered by Minnesota teacher preparation institutions according to Board of Teaching rules governing the licensure field;
  • The grade level range of preparation is the same as, greater than, or not more than one year less than the grade level range of the Minnesota licensure field for which application is made;
  • The teacher preparation institution which offers the program leading to licensure verifies (using our form, not a letter from the institution) that the applicant has completed an approved licensure program at that institution and recommends the applicant for a license in the licensure field and at the licensure level;
  • The applicant has completed a program leading to licensure as verified by an official transcript issued by the institution recommending the applicant for licensure. In addition to the transcript where you completed your education program, also submit official transcripts of other coursework you have taken since those may be considered when we determine your eligibility for licensure;
  • The applicant has evidence of completing instruction in methods of teaching in the licensure field and at the licensure level of the program; and
  • The applicant has completed student teaching in each licensure field and at applicable grade ranges or essentially equivalent experience.
  •  A five-year license is granted to applicants who hold a valid standard out-of-state license (K-12) in an area in which Mississippi issues an endorsement.
  • Original out-of-state license
  • Application & Institutional Program Verification Form
  • Sealed college transcripts
  • Documentation must be provided to show a passing score on a core subject test required for certification by the issuing state, or documentation that verifies the out-of-state license was obtained in a manner equivalent with current Mississippi license guidelines for that license.
  •  Applicants who hold a license from another state OR completed their teacher preparation program from another state must complete the same application process as our in-state educators, including a Montana fingerprint-based background check.
  • Notarized Application
  • Institutional Recommendation Form
  • Copy of out-of-state license
  • $66 Fee
  •  Nebraska does accept recommendations from teacher preparation programs from state accredited colleges and universities in other states, but all candidates must meet the specific Nebraska requirements. Cases are evaluated on an individual basis. In general, Nebraska does not recognize certificates or endorsements which have been granted by testing only and/or through alternative preparation programs.
  • Application
  • Record of Residence
  • Two Fingerprint Cards
  • Official Transcripts
  • Institutional Verification Form
  • Human Relations and Special EducationTraining Requirement
  • Praxis tests
  • Copy (front and back) of  Valid, Out-of-State Teaching Certificate
  • Recency Requirement (1.Have taught for one year within the immediate past five years half time (50%) or more in a legally operated school system while holding or qualifying to hold a regular teaching certificate
    2. Have completed six semester hours within the immediate past five years from an approved teacher education institution. These hours must be recommended as part of your original teacher education program
    if you hold, held or qualified to hold a teaching certificate that has not expired or has expired for less than five years
    3. If your teaching certificate has expired more than five years, or your teaching program
    was completed more than five years ago, 15 specific semester hours are required within
    the immediate past five years. The hours must be recommended for issuance of the teaching
    certificate by the certification officer of your approved teacher education institution.
  •  Nevada welcomes applicants from other states. Reciprocity determination is available to initial applicants who hold a valid license from a state other than Nevada.
  • Reciprocity may apply if the grade levels and subject areas match the licensing areas available in Nevada and the out of-state is not temporary, alternative, emergency, provisional, or conditional.
  • Reciprocity may be used to waive required Nevada testing.
  • Make sure that you follow the initial application checklist and submit all documents that apply to a complete evaluation of your application: all official transcripts, valid out-of-state licenses, and all passing score reports.
New Hampshire
  • Holders of valid certification, based on a baccalaureate or higher degree and with at least three years successful regular teaching experience in the past seven years under certificates in Interstate Certification Contract states, meet the experience requirements for a comparable certificate.
  • Completed application.
  • A copy of the valid credential (front and back).
  • An original letter of verification from school system(s) where you were employed identifying your major teaching assignment(s).
  • A NON-REFUNDABLE application fee of $130.00; make check payable to State of New Hampshire
  • Official transcripts
New Jersey
  •  Any applicant for instructional certification who presents a valid instructional certificate issued by any other state shall, upon payment of the appropriate fee, be issued a New Jersey instructional certificate for the equivalent and currently-issued New Jersey grade level or subject title and certificate level covered by this subchapter, that is, a New Jersey certificate of eligibility, certificate of eligibility with advanced standing, or standard certificate.
  • There are two limitations to this rule:
  • If New Jersey has an equivalent title with required subject matter test for the applicant's title, the applicant shall have passed a state subject matter test to receive his or her out-of-State title or else must pass the appropriate New Jersey subject matter test; and
  • Candidates who have not taught successfully for three years under their out-of-State certificate shall be required to meet the New Jersey GPA requirement. Successful teaching experience shall be documented by a letter of experience from the applicant's supervisor or authorized district.
New Mexico
  • Possess a bachelor's and/or a master's degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Possess a current valid and standard certificate/license from another state or country; provide proof of having completed an approved teacher education program (if the program is not contained on a transcript, you must provide documented evidence of the program you completed)
  • Provide proof of passage of a teacher competency exam for that out-of-state/country certificate or license
  • Provide evidence of having satisfactorily taught under that out-of-state certificate or license from the school and/or supervisor where you taught
  • If you provide test scores and less than 3 years of teaching experience, you will receive a level 1 license
New York   Possess a Comparable Certificate from Another State, which requires one of the following:
  1. The completion of an approved teacher education program that is comparable to the New York
  2. Three years of satisfactory teaching experience, within the previous seven years, under an acceptable certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Valid Level II Certificate in a Comparable Title
  • Fingerprint Clearance
  • Official Transcripts
  • Copy of Out-of-State Certificate
North Carolina
  • North Carolina does NOT have 100% Reciprocity with any state. You must complete each step
  • Complete Form A
  • Include a copy of the front and back of your teaching certificate OR Complete Form V (required if you have a graduate degree or if you think there may be any question about the areas listed on your certificate
  • Submit original, degree dated transcripts
  • NTE/Praxis test scores or Form OS-HQ
  • Verification of K-12 Teaching Experience - Form E AND/OR Verification of Post Secondary Educator Experience - Form CE
  • Payment - $85 for out-of-state applicants
North Dakota Out-of-State Highly Qualified - issued to those applicants who submit:
  • application form
  • official transcripts
  • background investigation
  • Record of Education and current recommendations from employing schools
  • Confirmation of Highly Qualified Status completed by the State Department of Education or Independent Board responsible for educator licensure
  • No additional tests or coursework will be required with this license

Out-of-State Reciprocal (Two-Years):

  • Issued to individuals who hold a valid license from another state but have not met the ND standards and rules
  • A plan of study is developed for each individual indicating the coursework needed. The individual has a total of four years to complete all requirements

Other State Educator License (OSEL). A two or five year license issued to those applicants who hold and submits a valid license received from an approved regular teacher education program from the other state.

  • If the applicant has not tested in the sending state and has been licensed after 2002 in that state, they will have two years to complete ND tests
  • The regular application will be submitted including official transcripts, background investigations, Record of Education, and recommendations from current employing school administrators
  • No additional coursework or tests will be required with this license
  • Set up an online SAFE account
  • Copy of out-of-state teaching license (front and back)
  • Letter of Eligibility - If you do not hold a teaching license in the state in which you completed a teacher education program, a letter, on university letterhead, signed by the dean or head of teacher education, stating the license type you are eligible for in that state and the subject area(s) this license allows you to teach. For Intervention specialist licenses, the letter must state the disability areas included in the scope of the license
  • Verification of out of state licensure exams completed
  • Verification of Experience - Are you applying for an initial Ohio teaching license? Apply for a four year resident educator license if you have less than three years of out of state teaching experience (experience verification not required)
  • Official Transcripts
  • BCI and FBI background checks are required for initial licensure (if you reside outside of Ohio, please call the office of Educator Licensure at the Ohio Department of Education to request fingerprint cards.)
  • Licensure Assessment Requirements
  •  Application
  • Official transcripts - must denote degree earned and the date degree was conferred
  • Proof of Teaching
  • Copy of Teaching Certificate valid during dates of experience listed, if applicable
  • $50 Processing Fee
  • Fingerprint cards and $59 fee for criminal history record search or, for faster and more accurate results, you may have your fingerprints laser-scanned at the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE), Room 212, 2500 North Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for a $59 processing fee. Fingerprints are scanned at the OSDE between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
  • You will be issued a provisional certificate in order to complete the Oklahoma testing requirements (general education, subject area(s), and professional education competency examination). You will also be required to complete one year of successful employment in an Oklahoma accredited school, college or university.
  • If you have passed teacher test(s) in another state, you may request a review of these test(s) for comparability to Oklahoma tests by the Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation. They will determine if any of the out-of-state tests are comparable and inform the Teacher Certification Section which test(s) are acceptable.
  • Application
  • $120 evaluation fee
  • $59 fingerprint processing fee
  • Fingerprint Card & Fingerprint Handler Sheet sealed together by the authorized person who completes your prints.
  • A copy (front & back) of a full time unrestricted out-of-state K-12 public school teaching license (does not have to be active and does not have to be valid for all levels K-12)
  • Official transcripts sealed in university envelope
  • Copies of out-of-state exam score reports - If you completed any exams for your out-of-state teaching license, send your exam scores (original score reports will be returned to you). We will evaluate the content of the exams to determine if they are substantially similar to the exams that Oregon requires. If any are, we will waive that exam required by Oregon; otherwise, we will include an advice letter with your Initial Teaching License explaining exactly what you must complete in order to move to the next renewable teaching license.
  • Optional:  Professional Educator Experience Report (PEER Form)
  •  Hold a Bachelor's Degree: Baccalaureate degree awarded (either prior to admission to the program or as part of the program)
  • State-approved teacher education program completion, including a supervised student teaching experience, leading to a comparable certificate
  • Affirmation/recommendation of successful completion from the certification officer at the college/university/educational entity on an application form designated by the Bureau or through the Teacher Information Management System (TIMS) for provisioned users in TIMS.
  • For active/valid out-of-state instructional certificate holders, with two (2) years of successful classroom experience, program verification will not be needed. A copy of your certificate and verification of the two years of experience will be required.
  • Hold a 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA): A 3.0 overall cumulative GPA as noted on Bachelor's or Master's transcript is required for an initial certificate in Pennsylvania. Active/valid out-of-state instructional certificate holders, with two (2) years of successful classroom experience will not be evaluated for the 3.0 GPA requirement.
  • Successful completion of Pennsylvania required tests.  All candidates for certification must meet the qualifying score for all applicable tests at the time their application for certification is received by the Bureau of School Leadership and Teacher Quality. The required tests and qualifying scores may change as tests are reviewed and updated. Note: Active/valid out-of-state instructional certificate holders, with two (2) years of successful classroom experience do not need to take the pre-professional skills test (PAPA), but must complete the content area test for the certification area requested.
  • Meet all Pennsylvania requirements related to citizenship, moral, ethical and physical/mental fitness.
Rhode Island
  •  Applicants seeking certification through reciprocity must demonstrate that they meet all Rhode Island certification assessment requirements, hold the additional required certificate and meet all experience requirements when applicable.  Applicants can attain certification by completing a state approved program for Educator Certification in a state other than Rhode Island within the last 5 years OR by demonstrating that they hold a currently valid full certificate in another state. 
  • Applicants who have not completed an approved program or do not meet reciprocity requirements can be certified by Transcript Analysis until December 31, 2014.  Beginning January 1, 2015 a Credential Review process will replace transcript analysis in areas for which there are no Rhode Island approved preparation programs. 
  • The student teaching requirement may be waived for an applicant who has had two or more documented years of successful teaching experience in an approved elementary setting.  Certified teachers
South Carolina
  • Application
  • Electronic Fingerprinting
  • Transcripts - sent directly to the SC Office of Educator Licensure - Do not submit until the completion of their preparation program or graduation
  • Fee - $105

And one of the following:

  • Teaching Recommendation of Completion of an Approved Program or
  • Current out-of-state license
  • (Additional documentation may be required to finalize your licensure.)
South Dakota
  • Online Initial Application
  • Verification from an accredited university that the candidate completed an approved education program

Additional Documents May Be Required:

  • Official transcripts
  • University sign-off verifying teacher education program
  • Copy of Praxis II test scores
  • Copy of teaching certificates from other states
  • Verification of teaching experience in another state
  • Documents supporting legal alien status form non-citizenship

Additional Coursework Requirements - Once South Dakota certification is obtained, educators must complete:

  • Human relations course
  • South Dakota Indian studies course
  •  Out of State Application
  • Original/Official Transcripts
  • Copy of Educator Credential - Teacher License from another state
  • Verification Form (if applicable) - keep a copy of it for your records
  • Recommendation verifying program completion
  • Praxis II Tests
  • Send all documents at one time
  •  Create a TEA Online Account
  • Complete application and pay $180 non-refundable fee
  • Official transcripts from all universties and colleges
  • Copies of all certificates - front and back
  • Educators who have completed the review of credentials and are found to be eligible may be issued a One Year Certificate. During the one-year period of this nonrenewable certificate, the educator must complete all appropriate tests. (Educators who have completed a test that is found to be comparable to a Texas test, may request an exemption from the Texas test.)
  •  Application form
  • Completed endorsement application
  • Fee - $75
  • Official transcripts
  • If you are a new graduate from a teacher preparation program, you will first need to obtain a teaching license in the state where the program is located. You may then apply through Utah's Out of State applicant process and include a copy of the out of state license with your other required documents.
  • Verification of licensed out of state experience, if you applicable
  • Praxis II scores
  • Verification that you have applied for the required background check

Licensing regulations allow the Licensing Office to review the credentials of applicants from other states/countries under these conditions:

  • If the candidate has graduated from a state-approved educator preparation program in another state and received a recommendation for licensure from that institution for that state.


  • If a candidate has a current, comparable license (teacher, or administrator) from a state with which Vermont has signed the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement provided the candidate can demonstrate at least 3 years of successful work in a school within the past 7 years in the licensure endorsement or subject area. Those who do not meet this condition can obtain licensure through Vermont's Alternative Route: The Peer Review process.


  • Application Packet for Initial Educator License (Transcripts, Praxis scores, $160 Fee, Copy of out-of-state license, Oath (notarized), Mandatory Good Standing Declaration Form, Consent for Release of Registry Form, Current Resume)
  • Return Receipt form
  • Criminal Record Check Packet
  •  Application - all documents completed & returned in a single packet
  • Non-refundable fee - $75
  • College Verification Form
  • Report on Experience
  • Professional Teacher's Assessment Scores
  • Official Transcripts
  • Out-of-State License(s)
  • Certification of Child Abuse Recognition and Intervention Training
  • Emergency First Aid, CPR & AED Training or Certification

 In Washington, educators must obtain a Washington certificate in order to serve in the public schools. Certificates or licenses from another state or jurisdiction do not cover employment in Washington. While the interstate agreement facilitates the movement of educators among states and other jurisdictions that are members of the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC), our state rarely uses the provision of the contract for individuals who hold certification in another state. Washington's rules allow us to recognize ANY state approved educator preparation program and degree from a regionally accredited institution to meet our basic requirements.

  • Out-of-state applicants must pass a basic skills test (WEST-B) within 12 months of receiving a temporary permit.
  • Out-of-state applicants must pass an endorsement content knowledge test (WEST-E) within 12 months of receiving a temporary permit.
  • Fingerprint and background check
  • Copy of all teaching certificates
  • Verification of program completion
  • Verification of good standing
  • Verification of experience
  • Character & fitness supplement
  • Fee - $88
West Virginia

 Reciprocity Requirements:

  • hold a valid teaching certificate or a certificate of eligibility issued by another state,
  • have graduated from a state-approved educator preparation program* at a regionally accredited institution of higher education; AND
  • have successfully completed a student teaching experience or equivalent in the state in which the approved program was completed.

Send an official, seal-bearing transcript from the institution where the teacher preparation program was completed.

  • Complete Form 20A - Verification Form
  • GPA 2.5 or higher

 Wisconsin does not issue licenses on the basis of reciprocity.

Out-of-state applicants must verify completion of the following:

  • A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • Complete a state-approved educator preparation program
  • Wisconsin Testing Requirements
  • Online License Application
  • Institutional endorsement
  • Employment verification from each PK-12 employer
  • Copy of out-of-state license
  • Score reports on all tests that were required in the state where your educator preparation program is headquartered
  • Score reports documenting passing scores for all required Wisconsin tests
  • Fingerprints
  • Conduct & Competency questionnaire
  •  Completion of an approved Educator Preparation Program from an accredited university
  • Program must include student teaching and lead to an Institutional Recommendation for licensure
  • In order for applicants to obtain an Institutional Recommendation form they must be eligible for licensure in the state in which the college or university is located.
  • Applicants do not have to obtain licensure in that state; however, they must be eligible for licensure. In some states, individuals may be required to complete testing for licensure in that state (i.e. applicants who have/will complete an Arizona program must complete the Arizona testing requirements and will not need to complete the Praxis exams required for Wyoming for initial licensure.)
  • Official Transcripts documenting completion of a teacher preparation program
  • Wyoming Fingerprint Cards - including a background check
  • Knowledge of the U.S. & Wyoming Constitutions
  • Testing Requirements
  • Completed Application Packet