Student Teaching & Field Placement

Student teacher at interactive computer screen

Duquesne University's Office of Student Teaching and Field Placement (OSTFP) in the School of Education facilitates field experiences, internships, practicums, and student teaching experiences for various programs in the School of Education. The OSTFP works to coordinate field placements for students that allow them to integrate information regarding teaching fundamentals and advanced pedagogies taught in their coursework into practical application in K-12 classrooms. The mission of the OSTFP mirrors the overall mission of Duquesne University in that they strive to prepare students to become innovative, inclusive, and well-rounded leaders in society through providing a diverse range of field experiences.
The process of securing field placements involves a collaborative effort between the OSTFP, academic advisors, School of Education staff and faculty members, K-12 school partners, and School of Education students. The OSTFP works with over 75 school districts in the Greater Pittsburgh Region including public, private, charter, and Catholic schools, and they are constantly building new, mutually beneficial K-12 school partnerships to expand upon experiential opportunities for students.
In addition to local K-12 school relationships, Duquesne University is one of only three schools in Pennsylvania, and one of 22 colleges and universities in the United States, that have a partnership with Indiana University's Global Gateway for Teachers Program, which is located in Bloomington, Indiana.  As a partner university, Duquesne University students have the opportunity to be placed by IU Global Gateway in an overseas student teaching experience in one of 18 countries. Participating countries include, but are not limited to, Australia, Costa Rica, England, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, and Tanzania.  This is meant to be a cultural immersion experience in which student teachers are placed in a host nation school by a consultant who is an experienced overseas educator.  Homestay recommendations are made for student teachers in many of the countries. During their student teaching semester, students fulfill their Pennsylvania Department of Education requirements for student teaching locally prior to student teaching abroad. Duquesne University's Director of Student Teaching and Field Placement works with abroad student teaching applicants to assist in the preparation of application materials to be submitted to IU Global Gateway.
The team of staff within the OSTFP recognizes the importance of securing high-quality and meaningful field and student teaching experiences for School of Education students. The excitement students express over their field experiences is shared by the OSTFP, as they are passionate about helping students grow professionally, academically, and personally through their field experiences. The OSTFP works to maintain a culture of accessibility with students, and encourages all students to contact them at any time during their academic journeys.