Clearance FAQs

Five clearances are required each year you are a student in the School of Education.

The five required clearances are:

  1. Child Abuse/Act 33
  2. Criminal History/Act 34
  3. FBI Fingerprint Clearance/Act 114
  4. Tuberculin Skin Test
  5. Mandated Reporter Training/Act 126.

When are clearances due?

Updated clearances must be turned in before the first day of class each year.

How do I apply for my clearances and where do I find this information?

Information about each clearance, including the application process, appears on DORI. You can access the Undergraduate clearance page by following these steps:

  • Go to your appropriate undergraduate program page. (PreK-4; Middle Level; or Secondary Ed.)
  • On the left side, click on the Current Student Resource link
  • Click on the word Clearances on left.

Or, you may follow the directions below to our Clearances page, found at:
DORI>Index>Schools in DORI > Education>UG Student Resources>Clearances

From our Clearances page, you can link directly into each clearance application page with the exception of TB testing.

Responsibility for proof of updated clearances

It is your responsibility to provide us with proof of your updated clearances each year.

Will I be able to complete my Field Experience without updated clearances?

You WILL NOT be permitted to participate in a field experience each semester without updated clearances.

How do I submit my updated clearances?

Bring your clearances, in person, to the front desk in room 214 Canevin Hall. Once your clearances have been recorded, we will hand them back to you.

The School of Education does not keep copies of your clearances.

Due to security regulations, we do not keep copies of your clearances. This is why we stress the importance of saving the results of all your clearances to your computer desktop. In the unfortunate case you should lose or misplace the copies you print out, you will have the ability to print new clearances for your use.