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The Canevin Center for Educational Transformation and Social Justice

We cannot begin to know what educational transformation looks like if we do not work toward breaking through the barriers that continue to maintain structures of privilege--structures that work at marginalizing others. We know that not all children succeed. We know that not all children perform to their utmost potential. We know that not all education is created equally.

With the countless number of programs and services available to children with their families, we need to ask ourselves "why don't they all succeed?"

Welcome to the Canevin Center for Educational Transformation and Social Justice. We are an epicenter for work that engages those in traditional education, in communities, in schools, and in business to affect the change that will bring about equity in education for all children, no matter where they live, how they live, what their disabilities might be, and no matter what race or sexual orientation.

At the Canevin Center, we view social justice work as not isolated within a few areas of a traditional educational program, department, course, or community organization. Actions must be normalized throughout the fabric of an entire organization or program, department, course, or community organization.

Social justice and educational transformation are intertwined and indelibly connected to each other, especially here through this site. We thread these principles and beliefs through building respectful and trusting relationships between the dedicated individuals who are working throughout our communities, throughout educational faculty and staff, throughout the work of others who come here to this site to share their best practices and to learn from others.

The mission of the School of Education, as a renowned learning community for the mind, heart and spirit, is to guide the formation of moral and ethical educational leaders, to advance innovation in teaching and scholarship, and to foster social responsibility. Within the context of the Spiritan identity and University vision, we will accomplish our mission by exemplifying the scholarly and ethical standards of our profession as we provide meaningful learning experiences, support scholarship, and sustain mutually beneficial partnerships.

Canevin Center Model