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Lead in the classroom, in your profession, and in life.

Rise to the top of your profession in the 21st century with Duquesne University's Leading Teacher Program.

Everyone had them, and you're no exception: that handful of teachers who inspired you, transformed your view of the world and helped you imagine your own special place in it.

They possessed all the wonderful qualities a teacher could have. They were leading teachers.

If you're ready to be that unforgettable Leading Teacher-and seize the opportunity that only a first-rate educational degree can offer-Duquesne University is ready to lead you there.

Hear our students talk about their own experience and what they love about DU's School of Education.

Rachel Brown
Hometown: Wexford, PA
Class of 2014
Early Childhood Education Major
"I really like my professors. They care if I'm learning how to make a difference in the classroom, and they want to help me get to the point where I can."

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You Asked Questions; Our Students and Alums Answered!

We are delighted to welcome a very academically talented freshman class this fall... the class of 2019! We understand that college choice is a big decision. We asked some recent alums and current students to answer some questions that have been posed by incoming freshmen.