About Health Sciences

Students in the Rangos School of Health Sciences are exposed to a broad liberal arts education with emphasis on understanding the scientific, theoretical and theologic constructs of the world.

The academic programs focus on the scientific theories, which support the skilled ethical practice of the various professions, coupled with a strong appreciation and understanding of spiritual values.

A Health Care Transition

In recent years, health care in the United States has seen a transition to massive, complex health care delivery systems, which offer society choices to receive health care. A mixture of generalists and specialists practice in this sophisticated system to meet the growing health service demands of our society. To integrate our graduates into this system, the academic programs in the RSHS instill in-depth scientific and theoretical knowledge of health care practice, enhanced by a rich infusion of moral and spiritual values, necessary to prepare our graduates to be competent health care professionals.

Through this preparation, students are encouraged to

  • Become cognizant of the needs of their patients/clients, their colleagues, and the health care systems in which they practice.
  • Develop an understanding of the necessity for on-going research
  • Be prepared to advance the bodies of knowledge in their respective professions through their research efforts.

All aspects of the students' education are coupled with an awareness and sensitivity of the human response to the functional limitations in various social and health care delivery contexts.

The ultimate goal of the educational programs within the RSHS at Duquesne University is to educate truly outstanding health care professionals and citizens capable of explaining, investigating, and delivering the highest level of quality care with kindness, dignity, responsibility, and respect.


The Rangos School of Health Science faculty will educate students to be excellent health science professionals and leaders in their field who respect the uniqueness of their patients/clients. In the spirit of Duquesne University , moral, ethical and spiritual values support the scientific and philosophic underpinnings of all Rangos School of Health Sciences curricula. Students will be provided with opportunities and experiences to foster the development of comprehensive knowledge for practice in health care, education, and other professional settings. This knowledge will support advanced graduate education and scholarship. Graduates from the Rangos School of Health Sciences will be culturally-competent health science professionals who demonstrate competence, leadership, expertise, and a profound moral/ethical respect for their patients/clients, professional colleagues, and the general public.