Department Philosophy & Goals


Athletic Training students are presented with a high quality liberal arts education, as well as opportunities to obtain a superior education in both the clinical and didactic components of the Athletic Training profession. It is the philosophy of this Department that students are to be given every opportunity to reach their fullest potentials as students, individuals, and health care professionals, and that at all times, students and faculty are required to strive to maximize those potentials. We demand excellence, expect excellence, and are never satisfied to accept the status quo. The Department also firmly believes in evidence-based practice and encourages all members of the Department in their development, advancement, and dissemination of research and scholarship that underpins the practice of medicine, Athletic Training, and other health sciences.


Encourage and provide students with opportunities to examine their individual, moral and ethical foundations and to develop an appreciation of how these personal values affect their practice as individuals and health care professionals;

Provide a variety of challenging and high quality didactic and clinical education experiences for students;

Encourage critical thinking and problem solving in both the education and practice of Athletic Training;

Comply or exceed the professional practice and educational standards set by the National Athletic Trainers' Association, Board of Certification, and the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education, as well as those determined by state and federal law;

Engender students to advance the profession of Athletic Training and to instill the value and importance of professional development and leadership;

Encourage and promote the use of evidence-based methods in both the education and practice of Athletic Training;

Promote development and recognition of the professional faculty and students as leaders in Athletic Training and research that advances the practice of Athletic Training.

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