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Admission Requirements

Admission into the Athletic Training Program

  • A minimum high school QPA of 3.0 (including 4 units in English; 1 unit in social studies or language; 7 units in mathematics and science; and four elective units)
  • a composite math and verbal SAT score of at least 1,100 if the test was taken prior to March 2016. For tests taken March 2016 and later, a composite math and verbal SAT score of at least 1,170; or a composite ACT score of at least 24
  • Evidence of extracurricular activities during high school
  • Completion of a personal essay (see below for additional details)
  • The ability to meet all of the medical and performance/technical standards of the program
  • Most accepted students have a high school QPA of at least 3.0/B Average
  • International students must have a TOEFL Score of at least 550 and have evidence of ability to communicate orally in English

Transfer Students

Students may transfer into the program before the start of the sophomore year, based upon their credentials, courses completed at other institutions, outcomes in courses yet to be completed prior to entry into the professional phase, and space availability.  Admission at the transfer or second degree level will require a minimum college cumulative QPA of at least 2.75 and "B" grades or better in the basic sciences.  Observation of an Athletic Trainer prior to admission is strongly encouraged.

Technical Standards /  Performance Indicators

  • To assure the health and safety of the Athletic Training students and patients with whom they work, all students (freshman, transfer, and continuing) are required to meet the Technical Standards/Performance Indicators to ensure that they have sufficient abilities to meet the rigorous work expectations of a student studying Athletic Training.
  • To further protect the health and well-being of our students and their patients, all students are required to have a complete physical exam and demonstrate appropriate immunizations before beginning the first professional Athletic Training course during the sophomore year (ATHT 201).
  • The requirements for this physical exam are also explained during the pre-professional student body meetings and are available to students in the RSHS Academic Student Handbook, which all students receive.

Personal Essay Requirements for Health Profession Applicants

  • Please discuss the following: Tell us something about yourself, why you chose your desired major, and why you would like to attend Duquesne University. You may also include any shadowing or volunteer opportunities that you have experienced.
  • Health Science transfer applicants - Please refer to the 'Transfer Applicants' section on the Health Science website for your specific essay requirements.