Continuing Education & Professional Development Events

The Department of Athletic Training is committed to providing continuing education and professional development opportunities to our alumni, preceptors and members of the athletic training community.  In addition to the work we routinely do with our students, it is our intention through these professional development opportunities to assist others in advancing the practice of Athletic Training.

In Fall 2019 we hosted a two day continuing education event entitled, From Prevention to Return to Activity: Current Topics in Sports Medicine.  This program offered attendees information on current best practices in the following areas:

  • Emerging concepts in concussion management
  • Managing the mental health crisis
  • Management of on field critical injuries
  • Orthopdedic surgical care
  • Prevent and management of heat related iillness & injury
  • Exercise hyponatremia & Sickle cell trait
  • Preparing the athletic trainer to manage crisis situations

Past Meetings

Continuing Education Weekend - 2019

Continuing Education Day - 2018

Continuing Education Day - 2017