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Professional Phase Coursework

Third Year

Fall Semester - 17 credits

ATHT 302/L Art & Science of Athletic Training I/Lab (3/0 cr.)
ATHT 315 Athletic Training Practicum I (2 cr.)
ATHT 315L Athletic Training Practicum I Lab (1 cr.)
HLTS 315/L Anatomy (with dissection lab) (5/0 cr).
HLTS 425/L Therapeutic Modalities (3/0 cr.)
HLTS 430W/L Principles of Research (3 cr.)

Spring Semester - 16 credits

ATHT 303/L Art & Science of Athletic Training II/Lab (3/0 cr.)
ATHT 306/L Therapeutic Exercise & Reconditioning/Lab (4/0 cr.)
ATHT 316 Athletic Training Practicum II (1 cr)
ATHT 316L Athletic Training Practicum II Lab (2 cr.)
ATHT 404  Health & Medicine I (3/0 cr)
HLTS 437/L Functional Kinesiology/Biomechanics Lab (3/0 cr.)

[W] - Denotes Writing Intensive Course

Fourth Year

Fall Semester - 18 credits 

ATHT 405 Health & Medicine II (3 cr.)
ATHT 406W Psychosocial Issues in Healthcare (3 cr.)
ATHT 407W/L Physiology of Exercise/Lab (3/0 cr.)
ATHT 410 Athletic Training Practicum III (1 cr.)
ATHT 410L Athletic Training Practicum III Lab (2 cr.)
ATHT 412 Organization & Administration in Athletic Training (3 cr.)
xxx Elective or Directed Study (3 cr.)

Spring Semester - 13 credits

ATHT 402W/L Nutrition & Weight Management/Lab (3/0 cr.)
ATHT 411 Athletic Training Practicum IV (2 cr.)
ATHT 411L Athletic Training Practicum IV Lab (1 cr.)
ATHT 414 Medical Perspectives in Athletic Training (2 cr.)
ATHT 416/L Applied Science of Physical Performance/Lab (3/0 cr.)
ATHT 421/L Applied Therapeutic Exercise/Lab (2/0 cr.)
ATHT 420/L ** Integrated Training for Performance Enhancement (1-3/0 cr.)

[W] - Denotes Writing Intensive Course
**Department Elective