Students working in biomedical engineering lab

Department of Engineering

Duquesne University's Department of Engineering is select and focused on high quality curriculum and meaningful research experience. Graduates will be well-prepared for careers in healthcare, manufacturing, research and government as well as graduate studies, law school, medical or other professional doctoral programs. 

Our Mission Statement

Duquesne University's Department of Engineering provides our students with a rigorous education in mathematics, science, engineering, and the liberal arts in line with the Spiritan ideals of service to others. Our students are actively involved with our research goals to improve human health, building upon their formal education to ultimately serve God by serving others.

Undergraduate and graduate students work alongside faculty on research to improve human health in the Department of Engineering at Duquesne's John G. Rangos Sr. School of Health Sciences. Modern labs with the latest equipment include the Opotek vibrant laser, high-speed SFDI system and more. This hands-on research experience in biomedical optics, imaging and microdevices, as well as computational biofluid dynamics prepares students for an array of career and advanced degree options.