What Our Students Say

"The Biomedical Engineering program fosters an environment in which I am motivated to push myself to achieve greater success than I imagined. I couldn't ask for a better program to prepare me for the future and to reach my dreams."

- Courtney Battles, BME Class of 2019

"This program allows for mentorship from the professors, creating an environment that promotes each student to reach his or her full potential. I believe with all of the instruction that I receive, I will be successful in what I choose to do with my Biomedical Engineering degree."

- Eric Linder, BME Class of 2019

"The Duquesne BME/BSN dual degree gives me the ability to help people beyond clinical care. I chose this program because the small class size allows for an individual learning experience that you can't find anywhere else."

- Kimberly Stafford, BME/BSN Class of 2019

"My favorite part of Duquesne's BME major is the learning atmosphere. Studying with other program students, having personal tutors available, and the extra attention our program director gives to our success- like setting up time before class to review challening material- have been very helpful."

-Caitlin Phalunas, BME Class of 2018

"The BME program here at Duquesne is constantly being remodeled and tailored to provide the education that a Biomedical Engineer will use to change the world in the 21st Century. Come to Duquesne BME and be a part of the innovation that is occurring here!"

-Connor Evans, BME Class of 2018

"The true advantage that Duquesne BME offers is the ability to know your professors on a personal level and receive personalized help in any class when necessary."

-Cierra Noel, BME Class of 2018