Dominic Bigi

Dominic Bigi Picture

I graduated in May 2018 with a B.S. in Health Management Systems (HMS) and a minor in Information Systems Management. Before attending Duquesne University, I was not certain of my career path. I was very interested in business, but also knew I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. My degree in HMS is the perfect blend of the two. The classes in my major focused on healthcare, business management and information systems, and the diversity well prepared me for a career in the ever-changing healthcare field.

The HMS program helped me learn a variety of skills that helped me land (and excel at) my first job. The summer before senior year, I completed an internship at ProspHire, a management consulting firm that focuses on healthcare strategy and project delivery. During the internship I worked as a Business Technology Analyst at a nationally ranked Managed Care Organization. It was an incredible "real world" experience, and I was invited back to intern for the Firm in Marketing and Communications during my senior year.

My education and internships led to a full time role at ProspHire, where I currently work as a (more seasoned) Business Technology Analyst. My responsibilities now include client delivery and project management for a business-critical required documents project. I am also involved in several internal projects at ProspHire as well.

I am very thankful for the training and education I received through the HMS program at Duquesne University. The classroom experience and real work experience helped me get where I am today.