Faculty Support

John G. Rangos Sr. School of Health Sciences Faculty Statistical Support and Collaboration Service

The Department of Health Administration and Public Health is pleased to offer statistical support for John G. Rangos Sr. School of Health Sciences (RSHS) faculty. Our mission is to help facilitate high-quality scientific research with the use of appropriate and rigorous statistical methodology. We support Duquesne's mission of service and the RSHS vision of cultivating leaders in innovation, research, and community engagement.

Dr. Ariel Shensa is available for consultation and collaboration at all stages of research, including but not limited to study design, data analysis, grant development, and manuscript preparation/revisions. Seeking statistical support as early as possible in the research process allows for more thoughtful review and meaningful input. However, we will do our best to accommodate requests and timelines. Here are some tools to help expedite support and create successful collaborations:

• Articulate research questions, objectives, or aims
• Identify primary outcome of interest, independent variables and covariates
• Organize data in a coherent way (e.g., Excel file, codebook/data dictionary)
• Communicate needs, expectations, and timelines

Type of Support

• Short term consultations
• Ongoing collaborations


An authorship agreement will be discussed during initial consultations if applicable to the project. Consideration for co-authorship is based on the accepted criteria for most medical journals. These criteria generally cite both study design and statistical analysis as intellectual input sufficient for authorship. More information on defining the role of authors and contributors can be found here:

Helpful Resources

Developing Strong Research Questions

Data Organization

Sample Size Calculation

Budgeting for Statistical Support in your Proposal

Hours of Availability and Location:

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 9am to 4pm
Fisher Hall room 427 or Zoom

Appointments outside of this timeframe can be accommodated. Please contact Dr. Shensa to schedule: shensaa@duq.edu

We look forward to supporting and collaborating with you!