Student Testimonials

Current students offer testimonials about what the major has meant to them:

Image of Emma Marx

Emma Marx ('22)

My name is Emma Marx, and I am currently in the Health Administration program at Duquesne University. I choose this major because I was always interested in healthcare but wanted to do something more on the business end. The classes I am taking are a mix of health science-related classes, information system classes, and general business classes. With Duquesne's prime location, there are many opportunities for internships and jobs post-graduation that include but are not limited to, Data Analytics, Risk Management, Health and Benefits, Telehealth, Public Health in general, Health Administration in general, etc. I feel like I have learned so much during the past three years at Duquesne!

Image of Veronica Rodriguez

Veronica Rodriguez ('22)

Coming from a small graduating class of only 28 girls and English being my second language, I was extremely nervous starting my first year of college, just as many other students. Once I stepped on campus, I felt like everything fell into place. I could see myself graduating from Duquesne University as I was walking down on A-Walk. I could see myself playing soccer on the field with my friends and I could see myself loving my classes. After my first year of college, I decided that my passion was to pursue my education in Health Administration. I knew that addressing health and wellness of individuals and their community was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Being a part of Duquesne University has given me innumerable opportunities to develop myself as an individual and as a part of a community. They have helped me continue to develop my leadership skills inside of the classroom and through student organizations such as the Health Management Students Society. Also, since day number one, this University has shown their dedication to diversity while also teaching us the importance of it. The faculty members at this school have been more than willing to play a major role in me succeeding. The work that is being done at the Rangos School of Health Sciences is truly amazing and inspiring. It's the exact environment that I like to be surrounded by, I learn alongside individuals that want to make a difference the in the healthcare industry, motivating me to do just the same. This opportunity I've been blessed to have experience is truly one that I will encourage to any students who believe that health is their mission in one way or another.