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Health Management Systems Draft

Innovators Wanted

Health Management Systems (HMS) professionals are the inventors, difference-makers and entrepreneurs driving the constantly evolving and fast-growing healthcare delivery system. Through combined expertise in health sciences, business management and information systems, our graduates meet healthcare challenges head on.

Duquesne University's HMS program prepares students for exciting, flexible careers in healthcare and corporate settings. Using real-world cases and hands-on experience, students learn what it takes to improve patient care through the delivery of cost-effective and equitable healthcare solutions.

Faculty Who Will Help You Succeed

At Duquesne, your professors are more than just teachers. They're mentors, world-class researchers and healthcare leaders who are invested in your success.

You'll benefit from a small class size that allows personalized attention and collaboration with dedicated instructors and your classmates.

Training In—And For—the Real World

Preview your career while helping the community. Along with classroom projects and case studies, students take on a semester-long, off-campus project. These projects aren't just great learning opportunities—they often lead to internships, full-time employment and valuable professional relationships.

You'll also find opportunities to gain knowledge in international healthcare policies and practices through Duquesne's study abroad program.