Healthcare Compliance and Risk Management Concentration

Health is our world's most essential resource. Help the systems that support it maintain the highest standards.

As new healthcare issues continue to impact our global community, the regulations that govern treatment can change greatly. And professionals who are able to help organizations and their staff understand and adapt to new policies are not only in demand -- they're essential to ensuring the quality of the response and service we all receive.

With the online Healthcare Compliance and Risk Management MHA program from Duquesne, you can prepare for leadership roles on the forefront of the industry's constant, and necessary, process evolution. Pursue your graduate degree in this specialized field and develop the expertise to identify and mitigate potential concerns that could impact care facilities and patients.

Why choose Duquesne for your online Healthcare Compliance and Risk Management MHA?

Duquesne's online MHA degree in Healthcare Compliance and Risk Management is focused on helping you understand and respond to federal and state laws related to the administration and delivery of patient care.

You'll explore risk management concepts and learn to identify potential issues that can impact a healthcare provider, including vulnerabilities to patient data and how to implement programs to help protect it. Curriculum will also help you learn to create and lead compliance programs, draft policies, develop contracts and create training initiatives that can help better serve the rights of those seeking care and the professionals striving to help them achieve healthier outcomes.

What to expect from your MHA curriculum

Our online Healthcare Compliance and Risk Management MHA is a multidisciplinary program that can be completed in six semesters. In addition to 12 foundational and core MHA courses, this concentration can help you specialize your career skills with two additional classes that cover topics in healthcare litigation, regulatory compliance and more.

Potential career outcomes in healthcare compliance and risk management.

By focusing your Master of Health Administration degree in Healthcare Compliance and Risk Management, you can prepare for cross-functional roles helping to review and update organizational practices to align with changes to the field. With your new skills, you can be ready to join a healthcare facility, help identify potential problems and obstacles, and ensure compliance with government rules and regulations. Career outcomes can see you apply your skills to securing patient data, managing electronic health records, developing new security measures and other actions that can reduce issues in liability, sanctions and penalties.

Did you know?

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects an 18% growth rate in health services manager employment between 2018 and 2028. Health services managers also have a median annual salary of $100,980 with the highest earners working in government or local, state and private hospitals.